Yarn Mane Horse Paper Craft

This horse paper craft takes cuteness to the next level! The “flowing” (yarn) mane adds the perfect bit of flair to your horse craft. Make up a whole herd of these horses and use them to decorate your house or barn!

Yarn Mane Horse HERO

Horse Paper Craft

Okay, this craft is just too adorable! The horse is cute enough, but then check out that mane! Use yarn to give your horse craft a distinct 3-dimensional look. Feel free to swap out the paint and yarn colors however you’d like to make any horse color combination you want.

I’m excited to add this horse craft to the blog today. Our DIY collection is really growing! Make sure you take a look at the previous crafts I have posted while you’re here.

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Yarn Mane Horse Craft Supplies

Another reason that this craft is a great choice? The supply list is pretty minimal. In fact, you most likely have most or all of these items around the house!

Yarn Mane Horse Supplies

How to Make a Yarn Mane Horse Paper Craft

Follow the directions below to make your own yarn mane horses!

1. Sketch a horse head on a piece of kraft paper (or trace a cut out horse head pattern like this image.)

Horse Head Templates
Tracing templates

2. Cut out a horse head using scissors from the kraft paper. (Our example shows two, but you only need one per craft.)

Cut Cardboard Horses

3. Paint the kraft paper horse head(s) with the brown acrylic paint. Feel free to use any paint color you would like. Set the painted paper aside for a few minutes to dry.

painted horses

4. While your painted horse head is drying, grab your yarn and plug in your hot glue gun.

painted horses yarn glue

5. Cut the yarn into small pieces for the mane. Cut more yarn for a fuller mane, less yarn for a thinner mane. After your paint has dried completely, flip the horse head over and apply hot glue to the back (in a line along the mane side) and carefully and quickly, press the yarn into the glue.

yarn on back of horse

6. That’s it! Feel free to trim your mane to an even length (or don’t trim it for a wild, unruly look!). Optional: use a sharpie marker to draw a face on your horse.

horse with yarn mane
Finished horse yarn craft

I hope you enjoy this one! If you decide to give the craft a try, let us know how it turned out! Feel free to tag us on social media if you post a picture of your project!


Yarn Mane Horse Paper Craft PIN

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