The Latest Equestrian Trend: Why is LeMieux Tack and Apparel So Popular?

Have you witnessed this new trend firsthand? Barns across the country are exploding in colorful displays of LeMieux luxury tack and equestrian apparel. The cause of this extreme equine retail phenomenon seems to come down to one main point: it’s fun to matchy match with your horse. HA!

Azure LeMieux Tack and Apparel

The LeMieux Equestrian Craze

Founded in 2009 by retired British (and later Canadian) equestrian eventer, Robert Lemieux, the original goal of the company was to create quality lambskin saddle pads.

It wasn’t until the UK based LeMieux Brand introduced its line of colorful saddle pads that the company exploded with retail success. The focus was on luxury quality tack (in this case saddle pads) designed for equestrians by equestrians. From dressage pads to close contact pads and pony pads, riders can choose from an array of styles and find saddle pads to fit a variety of disciplines.

But the colors.. OH! The colors! LeMieux’s color collection currently features 30 different colors and new seasonal colors are typically added each year.

LeMieux Bluebell Seasonal Purple Color

Why is LeMieux so popular?

I have thought long and hard about how to explain the rationale for the surge in popularity when it comes to the LeMieux brand. However, as I shared in the intro above, it seriously does have everything to do with MATCHY MATCH. In other words, riders are having so much fun outfitting their horses in color matched tack. Kick up the fun another notch when the rider herself can wear a shirt or sweatshirt or helmet cover (or all of the above!) that matches her horse!

Of course, the popularity is also just like any other brand that hits a viral level of popularity… “it’s all in the name.” We see it all the time – from the Stanley cups to white Crocs to Hydroflasks… someone comes along and claims a brand to be most desirable. The demand grows, and the brand enjoys record-setting sales.

The same is happening with LeMieux in the equestrian world.

Have I mentioned… it’s also totally fun to match your BFF?

LeMieux Bluebell for Horse and Rider

What pieces make up a LeMieux set?

There are no set rules for what pieces of LeMieux tack make up a set, but typically a saddle pad and matching ear bonnet are considered a set.

LeMieux Rioja Saddle Pad and Ear Bonnet

More options to add to a LeMieux color set:

  • Rider apparel
  • Halters and leadropes
  • Polo wraps
  • Boots
  • Grooming tools
  • Other accessories

Why is LeMieux so Expensive?

As one might expect from a brand that touts itself as an “equine luxury brand,” the prices for LeMieux products definitely reflect that sentiment.

Part of the high price tag for LeMieux items is of course that you are paying for “the name.” Showing off your LeMieux gear as you trot around the ring is no different that boasting the newest iPhone or designer handbag.

Having a daughter who owns more LeMieux than I’d like to admit, I can also attest to the brand’s quality. These saddle pads aren’t your bargain barrel waffle pads. They are thick, plush, impressive in craftsmanship and the colors are so bright and bold, they all but leap off the horse at you.

LeMieux even has some sets inspired by influencer collabs, for example the This Esme collection. Esme is a popular equestrian YouTuber.

This Esme Lemieux Tack Set
This Esme LeMieux Tack Collection

Where Can I Buy LeMieux?

LeMieux products can be found at many retailers. Of course, the spot for the best selection is from LeMieux itself. Make sure you toggle the site tab at the top of their page so you can see the US prices. LeMieux currently offers a flat US shipping rate of $14.95 per order. (And, having used it several times now, I can say it’s pretty quick shipping!)

Other retailers carrying LeMieux include:

What are some cheaper alternatives to LeMieux?

You can of course find some great matchy match options for horse at rider at MUCH lower price tags. If the brand name doesn’t matter to you, and you’re only after the matching colors, try your local tack shop.

For example, Dover Saddlery offers a line of their store brand solid color saddle pads in a wide array of colors for right around $25 each. (The LeMieux pads sell for closer to $80-$95, unless you can find them on sale.) Choose your saddle pad color, and then find a similar colored shirt from the apparel retailer of your choice.

You can also try Etsy for different matching tack sets.

I would love to hear from YOU! Do you have a kiddo who is obsessed with LeMieux? (Or maybe YOU love the brand?!) Has the LeMieux trend arrived at your farm? We have a running joke at our barn that the week after Christmas every year is the “Unofficial LeMieux Fashion Show.” That is because lesson after lesson is packed with multiple kids showing off the new LeMieux tack that Santa brought them! LeMieux EVERYWHERE.

I’m sure that years from now, another brand will be trending with as much fervor as LeMieux. But what will it be? Only time will tell!


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