What to Pack for Horse Camp

Packing for horse riding camp is no joke! Forget running out the door with a bathing suit and towel or a water bottle and pair of sneakers. Horse camp is a fun and unique experience for your young equestrian and the more prepared you are, the better!

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Over a decade ago, my daughter went off to her very first week of horse camp at the farm where she takes lessons. I remember the very first drop off and how her bag was practically heavier than she was. Actually, if I remember correctly, she had two bags – one for riding gear and one with lunch and “everything else.” Since that day back in oh, 2012 or so, we have logged dozens and dozens of summer days at pony camp! Now both of my kids enjoy various weeks at pony camp each year and I am happy to report – I have the daily packing down to a science!

Pack for the horseback riding

Probably the most obvious items on the packing list for pony camp? Horseback riding gear! It is important to have the proper riding gear both for safety and comfort. Most equestrian themed camps offer at least one daily ride or lesson.

Riding gear and supplies to consider packing for camp:

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Pack for the off-horse time

Of course, you will also want to make sure that you pack a change of clothes for the time off the horses! Most camps will give you an idea of what to expect as far as the daily schedule goes. Make sure to take note of any special clothing requirements and pack accordingly. (Will there be pool or water play time? If so, a bathing suit might be a good idea, etc.)

Extra clothing to pack for camp:

  • jeans or shorts
  • t-shirt
  • socks
  • sneakers
  • bathing suit
  • baseball cap or cowboy hat
  • raincoat

Pack for the elements

Long days spent in the great outdoors are fulfilling and exhausting! Pack some supplies for basic first aid and to combat some of the harsher elements of Mother Nature.

Extra supplies for camp: 

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Nourish and Hydrate

Just as important as the riding gear are food and drink (and plenty of it)! These kids are going nonstop during their camp day and sending a lot of snacks and drinks is smart.

Here are a few tips for lunchbox packing: 

  • First of all, consider using a small cooler instead of a regular lunchbox.
  • Send water in a larger water jug.
  • If you send one-time-use water bottles, freeze or half freeze them the night before to keep the water cold during those hot and sultry summer days!
  • Pack a lunch and pack some snacks.
  • Go for nutrient-packed foods that will keep them full and energized throughout the day! (Think granola and whole grains, apples and fiber-filled fruit, etc!)

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When in doubt, pack a spare

It is never a bad idea to pack spare clothing and supplies if you have the space! If there is one overall theme at horse camp, it is MESSY.  Spare clothes (especially socks, shirts and pants) are really helpful to have on hand!

One final tip: LABEL EVERYTHING with your child’s name!! (And we mean EVERYTHING!)

Printable Packing List

Head over and grab our free printable checklist which contains all of the items that I mentioned above!

Can you think of anything else that you pack for camp that is not on our list? Drop us a comment and tell us about it!


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