Follow this easy craft tutorial to turn dollar store pool noodles into adorable stick horses! 

Supply List

– Pool noodles (1 per horse) – Twine or string – Scissors – Felt – Googly eyes – Yarn – Tacky glue

Fold top section of noodle down and tie with ribbon or twine.

Draw and cut out 2 larger triangle ears and 2 smaller. Glue the small pair on the large pair.

Glue a felt ear to each side of the horse's "head." 

Try not to bump the ears while the glue sets and dries. 

Curved Arrow

Glue a googly eye to each side of the pool noodle “face.” Cut 2 small felt circles and glue to noodle for nostrils.

Yarn Mane

For each mane: Choose yarn color and loop the yarn around your hand 12-15 times in 9 inch strands.

Yarn Mane

Use a small piece of yarn to tie all of the loops on one end of the yarn bunch together. Cut the yarn loops on the other end.

Use scissors to cut a small slit into the pool noodle, between the two ears. Poke the yarn used to tie the strands together deep into the slit that you cut.

Let the glue dry for a couple hours. 

Enjoy your homemade stick horses!