Unicorn Ice Cream Floats | Easy Party Drinks

Looking for a sweet and colorful dessert-like party drink? Look no further! These unicorn ice cream floats look awesome and come together in just minutes. Perfect for parties!

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Unicorn Party Fun

If you have a pony-loving-kid, chances are probably pretty good that she (or he!) also likes unicorns. Unicorns have been a popular decor and party theme around our house for many years. My daughter loves unicorns and rainbows and everything in between. So we are always on the lookout for fun party food and drinks that we can tie into a unicorn theme.

While pinks, blues, and purples are common in unicorn themed recipes, really anything bright and colorful will work! Rainbow sprinkles are also always a great topping for just about any unicorn dessert.

Unicorn Ice Cream Floats

If you are familiar with traditional rootbeer floats, you know that they are simply ice cream in a cup topped with root beer soda.

These unicorn floats are similar, but use distinctly unicorn colored ingredients.

Where to find Unicorn ice cream

Believe it or not, we found the ice cream featured in this recipe at DOLLAR TREE. However there are many other stores and brands of unicorn ice cream if you don’t have a Dollar Tree nearby (or aren’t tempted to try ice cream from the dollar store! LOL).  If you can’t find unicorn ice cream, look for cotton candy or birthday cake ice cream!

Unicorn Float Ingredients

To make these floats, you will need the following ingredients. This is the amount for ONE float:

Unicorn Floats ingredients

How to Make the Floats

1. Add 1 scoop of unicorn ice cream to drinking cup.

Scooping Unicorn Ice Cream

2. Top cup with Hawaiian Punch.

3. Garnish top of cup with cotton candy.

Add a straw and enjoy!

These floats are best when enjoyed immediately after making. I would not make them ahead of time as the ice cream will melt and the cotton candy will start to break down.

Let us know if you give these fun party drinks a try! Tell us how they worked out for you! 


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