Unicorn Hand Puppet Craft

Feeling crafty? This unicorn hand puppet craft is a great choice for young and old! The supply list isn’t too long and it’s a fun craft that can be played with upon completion. Get the step-by-step directions below to make your own!

Unicorn Puppet HERO

We have the perfect craft for your next art activity time! Hand puppets are a lot of fun to make. They don’t require a ton of skill and you can easily prep all of the pieces ahead of time if you want to make them with younger kids. Feel free to swap out paper color and yard colors to make any look you want.

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Unicorn Hand Puppet Craft Supplies

To make these hand puppets, you will need:

Unicorn Puppet Process Supplies

How to Make a Unicorn Puppet

Follow these steps to make your puppet!

1. Take 2 pieces of purple construction paper. Fold them into thirds, vertically.

Unicorn Puppet Process A
Unicorn Puppet Process B
Unicorn Puppet Process C

2. Use the liquid glue to glue down the flaps on each piece of folded paper, so that it cannot unfold.

Unicorn Puppet Process D

3. Fold each rectangle in thirds again, going horizontally.

Unicorn Puppet Process F

4. On ONE piece of folded construction paper, cut OFF one of the squares. You will be left with a piece folded in 3 sections and a piece folded in 2 sections.

Unicorn Puppet Process G

5. Attach the 2 pieces of folded paper by inserting the end of the shorter piece into the end of the longer piece of construction paper.

Unicorn Puppet Process G

6. This will give you one long rectangle with 4 folded squares.

Unicorn Puppet Process I

7. Use liquid glue to glue down each end square to its neighboring inner square. That sounds more difficult than it really is, so use these pictures to guide you visually:

Unicorn Puppet Process J
Unicorn Puppet Process K
Unicorn Puppet Process L

After that last step, you should begin to see the actual hand puppet shape taking its form!

8. Use the scissors to cut a triangular shape out of the piece of pink construction paper. Roll the paper into a cone (or horn!) shape. Glue the paper edge to the rest of the cone to make the horn keep its shape.

Unicorn Puppet Process M

9. Cut a long oval shape from the pink construction paper and glue it to the inside of the folded purple papers. This is the unicorn’s mouth!

Unicorn Puppet Process N
Unicorn Puppet Process O

10. Cut ear shapes from the pink glitter paper and glue them to the top of the unicorn’s head. You might need to use the hot glue gun for this step to make the glitter paper stick.

Unicorn Puppet Process P

11. Cut a pink nose (we made a sort of rounded trapezoid shape) and glue it to the purple paper, letting it hang off the edge a bit.

Unicorn Puppet Process R

12. Use the hot glue gun to glue the horn and short pieces of purple yard on the top of the unicorn’s head. Glue on the googly eyes and use a black marker to add nostrils to the nose.

Unicorn Puppet Process S

13. That’s it! Your unicorn is complete! Set it aside for an hour or two to allow all of the liquid glue to dry completely before playing with the puppet.

Unicorn Puppet Process T
Unicorn Puppet TALL

We hope you enjoy this cute unicorn craft! You could easily turn it into a pony hand puppet but swapping out the purple and pink for browns and blacks… leave off the horn and you’d have a fabulous pony puppet!

If you give this craft a try, let us know how it turned out for you! Feel free to tag us on social media if you post a picture of your puppet craft. We would love to see it!


Unicorn Hand Puppet PIN

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