Trail Mix Pony Party Snack and Printable Table Sign

We never get tired of coming up with fun snack ideas for a pony party (or western party or horse show banquet… the list goes on)! Check out this super easy trail mix snack idea that we served in folded brown bags. Get the directions below!

Trail Mix HERO

Calling all hungry cowboys and cowgirls! This yummy trail mix party snack is about as effortless as it gets. My kids LOVE this snack and I have to admit, I love it too. It is the perfect combination of salty and sweet.

We used brown paper lunch bags and folded the sides down to give the implied appearance of a burlap feed sack.

I taped the sign to a paper party straw and it all came together quite nicely.

Make sure you take a look at our pony party inspiration post on our other blog for a bunch of other food and decor ideas.

Trail Mix Ingredients and Supplies

Snack tips: This trail mix uses a hefty base of popcorn. I used more popcorn than any of the other foods. You can start by filling each paper bag 3/4 of the way with popcorn. Then sprinkle small handfuls of the other foods over the popcorn.

Here’s what you will need to make this snack:

Trail Mix Ingredients

How to Assemble Trail Mix Bags

1. Gather the number of paper bags that you will need. (Each bag is portioned for one person, so make as many bags as people you hope to serve.)

Brown Lunch Bags

2. Fold the edges of each brown bag down until the bags are approximately half of their original height.

Folded Brown Bag

3. Fill each bag 3/4 full with popcorn. Sprinkle Stroopwafels, nuts and M&Ms over the top of each bag of popcorn.

Trail Mix Overhead

4. Tape sign to the paper straw and set it up near the treat bags. That’s it! You’re ready to serve!

Trail Mix Square

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Trail Mix Party Snack 2 Pin

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