Tissue Paper Horse Suncatcher Craft

Suncatchers are the perfect way to decorate just about any window. They are colorful and translucent. When sunlight filters through the suncatcher, the end result is very pretty! You can make a suncatcher craft very easily – with just glue, tissue paper and wax paper! Follow the directions below to make your own horse suncatcher craft.

Horse Suncatcher HERO

DIY Suncatcher Crafts

Tissue paper suncatchers are simple to make and can created to match any color or theme! Suncatchers always remind me of stained-glass windows. They are so pretty and such an easy way to brighten up any space. Suncatchers are a great camp activity as the supply list is a short one.

We love hanging up suncatchers on our windows and glass doors. Even on a rainy day, they still give off a bit of color and cheer.

Follow the steps below to make your own suncatchers! Feel free to swap out different colors or different shapes than we used. There are so many possibilities!

Suncatcher Craft Supply List

To make your own suncatchers, you will need:

Suncatcher Horse Art Supplies

How to Make a Suncatcher

Follow the directions below to make your own horse suncatcher!

1. Cut a piece of wax paper into a rectangular shape.

paper scissors

2. Cut 2 different colors of tissue paper into small squares.

Tissue Paper Squares

3. Gather the glue, paint brush and wax paper. Use the brush to cover the wax paper with a light layer of glue.

Gluing Tissue Paper Squares

4. Cover the glue on the wax paper with tissue paper squares. Mix the colors together in a random pattern. Set aside to let the glue dry.

Tissue paper glued to wax paper
Tissue Paper piled on wax paper

5. Sketch the outline of a horse head (or any other shape you desire) on the cardstock/cardboard. Cut out the shape – this piece will be traced onto the wax paper.

Horse shapes on paper
Cut out paper horse

6. Once the glue on the tissue paper has dried, trace the pattern you just cut out onto the tissue paper.

horse head to trace

7. Repeat the steps to make as many suncatchers as you’d like! Hang up the suncatchers on your windows and enjoy!

Finished suncatcher horses
2 horse suncatchers

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Let us know if you give this suncatcher craft a try! Feel free to tag us on social media if you post a picture of your final project!


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