Tech Gadgets for Modern Horse Owners

I have spent close to my entire life around horses, both as a horse owner and as a parent of a horseback rider. It is amazing to think about how the basics in horse care and management have evolved, thanks to technology. Advancements in technology have led to an entire industry for “smart” horses devices and other apps and products that aim to simplify equine and farm tasks for humans.

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In this article, I will tell you about some of the most popular tech gadgets currently available to horse owners and riders. These gadgets range from helpful barn tools to products containing sensors that help to monitor your horses’ vital signs.

Tech Gadgets for Horse Owners

Automatic Hay Feeder

An automatic hay feeder is a pricey addition to your farm’s feeding routine, but it can really help to provide consistent feed times for your horse. They are especially helpful if you work away from the farm or if your barn isn’t on property. These automatic feeders drop portioned amounts of hay for your horse.

Set the timer on the feeder for whatever feeding intervals or times your horses need, and the feeder does the rest. Depending on the design of your feeder, it will either sit inside your ring or sit just outside of your pasture or ring fence.

Automatic hay (or grain) feeders are definitely an investment, but I can’t emphasize enough that they are so handy in certain situations. We have a senior horse who is almost 35 years old. No matter what we tried, we just could not keep weight on him. We recently had him tested at the suggestion of our vet, and discovered that he has Cushing’s disease. After months and months of medication, a new type of feed, supplements and increased feed amounts, he looks better than he has in 10 years! The consistent feeding schedule has made such a big difference for him, but there are days when we are out and getting him his lunch is impossible! Automatic feeders would really help to provide that consistent care.

Horse Activity Tracker

You are probably familiar with the various human fitness trackers that are on the market. I know that I have owned several different trackers over the years. The first one I ever used was probably a FitBit and then eventually I got an Apple Watch. I use my Apple Watch to track lots of different functions – from daily steps to exercise and heartrate measurements. I love having immediate access to this information!

Believe it or not, you can purchase an activity tracker for your horse! The concept is very similar to the human versions. Monitor all kinds of data, including activity levels, health metrics, and offering insights into the horse’s physical well-being. There are several different brands that make horse activity trackers. Take a look and choose the one that has the features you think you’d use the most.

Stall Cameras

Chances are probably pretty good that you have at least one camera on your property. You might have a Ring doorbell camera or a camera that records the driveway. These products give us peace of mind when we’re both home and away.

Stall camera systems operate the same way. Perfect for monitoring sick horses, pregnant horses, or even just everyday activity when you’re not in the barn, stall cameras make a great upgrade to your farm.

Before you install a stall camera, make sure you have adequate WiFi or cell service in your barn, as you will need a way to transmit the video from the camera to your monitoring device. You don’t necessarily need to shell out top dollar for a camera system exclusively for horse barns… most consumer-grade cameras will work. I would recommend outdoor cameras versus indoor cameras, since barns tend to be a bit more humid than houses. Outdoor cameras are designed to function in rain, wind, etc. Most camera brands do require a subscription if you want the ability to download and/or save video clips for playback.

Portable Solar Charger

I can’t emphasis how handy portable solar chargers can be for horse owners. While I am all for unplugging and staying off of screens while enjoying a nice trail ride, let’s face it: emergencies can happen. Don’t risk a dead phone battery when you might need to check your GPS location or call for help. Keep that portable charger in your saddlebag or pocket, just in case you need a quick charge.

We have been at horse shows before when we relied on the show’s app or website to see class start times, order-of-go in jumping classes, and show results. A fully charged phone is a must on those days, so a portable solar charger could really help you stay connected.

Equestrian Riding App: Equilab

My daughter LOVES the Equilab riding app. She uses it to track details for just about every ride, both at home and at her lesson barn. Equilab offers a free and a premium paid version. The premium version obviously offers even more features than the free version, but the free version definitely offers a good variety of features!

Some Equilab features include:

  • Audio Coach (provides real-time feedback through headphones during ride)
  • Gait Segments
  • Weekly Calendar
  • Tracking Progress and Habits
  • Horse Record Document storage

Equine Health Management Software

Depending on the size of your farm, you might want to invest in Equine Health Management Software. This software can help to streamline the process of maintaining detailed health records for all of your horses. This would be especially helpful for boarding barns!

There are a bunch of different companies that offer management software. You can use this software to simplify tracking everything from veterinary and farrier visits to vaccination schedules and daily health management.

LED Horse Tail Lights for Night Riding

If you ever find yourself riding outside at sundown, you know how important it is to be visible. Just like a bicycle rider should have lights on his bike for better visibility, equestrians should have LED horse tail lights to alert others to their presence.

These lights come in a few different colors and are really easy to use. They have rechargeable batteries (via USB charger) and stay securely in place with velcro straps.

Wireless Speaker for Barn

A wireless speaker can be a great addition to your barn! Pick out a wireless speaker with connects via bluetooth to your phone for an easy way to access your favorite playlists while in the barn or ring. Outdoor wireless speakers are pretty rugged and available at many price points.

Create a calming environment in the barn by playing soothing music. Work on fun patterns or routines set to your favorite tunes. Celebrate different seasons and themes by playing music in the background during lessons. We love playing Christmas music during our November and December rides! It’s such a simple, simple thing but adds to much joy to our time in and out of the saddle.


I hope that this list has given you some great ideas for different tech gadgets you might want to incorporate into your own barn! While technology isn’t always 100% reliable, it definitely has its benefits when it comes to make things a bit more efficient and convenient.

Do you have any of the tools that I talked about? Do you use tech gadgets that I didn’t mention that are super helpful? I would love to hear about your experiences. Drop a comment below and tell us about them!

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