Felt Horseshoe Button Craft

Felt Horse Shoe Button Craft HERO

If you’re looking for a fun and easy craft to do with your kids or fellow horse enthusiasts, this felt horseshoe decorated with buttons is perfect. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to your horse-themed décor or make a cute gift for a horse-loving friend. Let’s dive into this craft! Supplies You’ll … Read more

St. Patrick’s Day Horseshoe Craft

Horse Shoe St Patricks Craft HERO

Have any old horseshoes laying around? Give them a fresh, glittery sparkle with this pretty DIY! Our St. Patrick’s Day horseshoe craft will make a beautiful decoration in your house or barn. Follow our tutorial below to make your own! Horseshoe Crafts Of our 4 horses and ponies, only one of them wears shoes. She … Read more

How to Make a Horseshoe Picture Frame

Horse Show Picture Frame HERO

Here’s a neat idea for a distinctly horse themed craft! Make a horseshoe picture frame with minimal supplies. Gather up some old horseshoes and get ready to create an adorable piece of wall decor for your house or barn! The Horseshoe If you have ever spent time around horses, chances are good that you might … Read more