Dollar Store Horse Show Supplies

Horse show dollar store supplies

If you have spent ANY amount of time in the equestrian world, you know that “bargain” is a word heard few and far between. Let’s face it: the equestrian world is not a cheap one. But just because our four-legged friends tend to be wallet-drainers, there ARE a few easy ways to save a little … Read more

What to Pack for Horseback Riding Lessons


When you or your child first start out with riding lessons, one of the biggest questions you will probably have is what do you pack in a riding lesson bag? That’s a great question! The supplies that you pack for riding lessons start out very basic and then over time you might add more items … Read more

All About Horse Show Good Luck Tokens


In the world of horse shows, where competition is as much about skill as it is about the bond between horse and rider, a little bit of superstition can go a long way. Good luck tokens, small yet significant, have found their place in the hearts of equestrians for centuries, serving as silent cheerleaders in … Read more

The Ultimate Collection of Horse Show Gifts


Welcome to the ultimate guide for finding the perfect horse show gifts, brought to you by our shop, The Gingerbread Pony, on Etsy. Whether you’re looking for prizes, tokens of encouragement, celebration gifts, or banquet prizes, our shop selection caters to every aspect of the horse show experience. Dive into our diverse range of products … Read more

Decorating Christmas Trees with Horse Show Ribbons

Christmas Horse Barn with Tree

If you are looking for a fun way to incorporate your love for horses into the Christmas season, look no further. Check out the ideas below and put your own horse-themed Christmas tree together by decorating the tree with old horse show ribbons. Not only are the results really pretty to look at, but it’s … Read more

Pony Week at Tryon International Equestrian Center


In July 2023, we packed up 13 kids and 9 ponies and made the 11+ hour trek from the Philadelphia Suburbs in Pennsylvania to Tryon International Equestrian Center in Mill Spring, North Carolina. We spent a whirlwind week at Tryon (TIEC) and experienced much of what the resort had to offer. Check out our experience … Read more

Hot Summer Horse Show Must-Haves


The word “hot” in the title of this post in no way refers to “good looking or attractive.” Nope. Not today. The word “hot” refers to searing temperatures that love to permeate horse shows in the summer. (And all other outdoor summer sports for that matter!) Keeping cool on the hottest of horse show days … Read more

Ideas for Horse Braid Charms

Pegasus Horse Mane Charm

If you are looking for a fun and subtle way to add a little bling or rider personality to your show horse, this post is for you. Learn about horse braid charms and see some ideas for adding them to your ride. Horse Show Fashion Loves Tradition If you have been horse showing for any … Read more

Horse Show Ribbon Craft

Make Your Own Horse Show Ribbons HERO

Look at this adorable and colorful horse show themed craft! Make your own horse show ribbon, complete with a pretty rosette at the top. Follow our tutorial below to make these DIY horse show ribbons. Horse Show Ribbons The most popular choice for horse shows when it comes to prizes are colorful ribbons! Even though … Read more

DIY Mini First Aid Kit for Horse Shows

DIY Mini First Aid Kit

Grab a few simple supplies from the dollar store and make this mini first aid kit. It’s small and compact, perfect for your horse show bag. First Aid Supplies for Horse Shows Last week I was cruising through our local dollar store. I was picking up last minute items for an away show we are … Read more