Clothespin Horse Craft for Kids

Clothespin Horse Craft HERO (1)

Create a cute clothespin horse (or a whole herd of them)! Follow our simple tutorial and use the printable template below to make this DIY clothespin craft for kids. Clothespin Horse Craft Looking for a really cute and easy horse themed craft for the kids to try during the next arts and crafts session? These … Read more

DIY Unicorn Headband Craft

DIY Unicorn Headband COMPLETE

Some days, you just want to be a unicorn! This DIY unicorn headband craft is perfect for parties, or even an impromptu art activity. Follow the tutorial below for step-by-step directions to make your own unicorn headbands. Unicorn Crafts We love a cute unicorn craft! Ponies and unicorns have always sort of gone hand in … Read more

Horse Mane Printable Play Dough Mat

Horse Mane Play Dough Mat HERO

Horse lovers of all ages will love this fun and easy activity! Grab our printable horse mane themed play dough mat for a great boredom buster. Laminate it for unlimited uses without having to reprint. How adorable is this printable play dough mat? I am happy to add it to my printable collection here on … Read more

DIY Paper Cup Horse Craft

Paper Cup Horse HERO 2

Take a paper cup, some paint, and a few paper pieces and turn them into an adorable horse craft! Check out this tutorial and printable template for a paper cup horse craft activity. Perfect kid craft for school or camp. Easy Horse Crafts for Kids Horse themed crafts for kids are great activities! You can … Read more

DIY Horse Pencil Topper Craft

Horse Pencil Topper HERO

Dress up that boring pencil with this adorable craft! Use sponge paper to make a horse pencil topper. See below for a printable template and step-by-step directions to make your own. Classic Felt Crafts There is something so simple and classic about felt crafts. I have used felt for many different DIY projects over my … Read more

Equestrian Horseback Rider Printable Play Dough Mat

Horse Play Dough Mat FINISH

Horseback riders of all ages will love this fun and easy activity! Grab our printable equestrian themed play dough mat for a great boredom buster. Laminate it for unlimited uses without having to reprint. I am thrilled to add this new printable to the blog. My family loves play dough (kids AND adults) and this … Read more

Paper Plate Horse Craft for Kids

Horse Paper Plate Craft Leaves HERO

This fun and simple craft for kids of all ages is perfect for horse lovers! With just a handful of art supplies, plus our free printable pattern template, this paper plate horse craft is a great option. Check out this adorable craft! Whether you want a preschool craft for your barnyard animals unit, or you’re … Read more

How to Make a Horseshoe Picture Frame

Horse Show Picture Frame HERO

Here’s a neat idea for a distinctly horse themed craft! Make a horseshoe picture frame with minimal supplies. Gather up some old horseshoes and get ready to create an adorable piece of wall decor for your house or barn! The Horseshoe If you have ever spent time around horses, chances are good that you might … Read more

How to Tie Dye a Saddle Pad

Drying Tie Dye Saddle Pads

Here is a fun craft to try if you want to add a splash of color to your riding accessories! Follow our tutorial and tips to learn how to tie dye a saddle pad. We had some success and also some failure with this DIY adventure, so be sure to read all of the details … Read more

DIY Pool Noodle Stick Horse Craft

Pool Noodle Stick Horses HERO

Saddle up for the perfect craft for your little cowgirls and cowboys! We made a whole herd of pool noodle stick horse toys that kept the kids occupied for hours! Follow our step-by-step tutorial and make this extremely budget-friendly toy. These hobby horses make great party favors! Today’s craft tutorial is a REALLY fun one! … Read more