Simple Barn Spring Cleaning List

As the last bit of snow melts and the Spring flowers start to bloom, the temperatures begin to warm. Warmer temperatures mean more time out in the barn and with that, there are plenty of things that need to be cleaned and replaced after a harsh winter. Check out these barn Spring cleaning tips for some easy items to check off your list!

We always joke that there are 3 seasons for horse owners. There is Summer season, Winter season, and MUD season. There is really nothing too great about mud season, but eventually the mud dries up and the fields and ring are in good shape for lots of outdoor riding.

Each Spring, we find ourselves spending more and more time outside after being cooped up inside during the cold winter months. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to think of all of the things at the barn that need to be cleaned and refreshed. Check out this easy list below with some simple places to start!

Barn Spring Cleaning Checklist

  • Clean water buckets
  • Clean feed buckets
  • Wash saddle pads
  • Replace salt licks
  • Clear the cobwebs
  • Wash, dry and store winter blankets
  • Wash halters and lead ropes
  • Replace outdated supplies in horse and human first aid kits
  • Check the electric fence for breaks
  • Schedule vet and farrier visits that are due in the Summer
  • Clean out trailer and check inspection
  • Clean all tack
  • Tack room clean out

Clean Water Buckets

During the winter, it’s easy to skip out on regular water bucket cleaning. The freezing cold temperatures make it unbearable to do much with water! Get a bucket brush and give your water buckets and water troughs a thorough scrubbing.

Replace any buckets with cracks or broken handles with new buckets.

Clean Feed Buckets

Give the feed buckets the same scrub job that you did on the water buckets. Replace any broken buckets or ground feeders with new ones.

Wash Saddle Pads

Spring is a great time to gather up your saddle pads that you used over the winter and get them cleaned up. Most saddle pads are machine washable, but always check the care tag on your saddle pads first. If you wash your saddle pads on a warm, sunny day, you can dry them outside on the fence.

Replace Salt Licks

Our horses LOVE salt licks! Salt licks are actually a really great thing to offer to your horses, as they help to replace depleted electrolytes. I don’t tend to spend as much time hanging out in the barn during the cold winter, so things like salt licks often get a bit neglected.

Springtime is a great time to replace your salt licks.

pony salt lick

Clear the Cobwebs

Take this one literally! Grab an old broom and clear away all of those cobwebs that have collected over the cold months. Give each room in the barn a good floor sweep while you’re at it!

I know that trying to clear DIRT out of a BARN definitely feels like a losing battle, but any little bit you can remove will help!

Wash, Dry and Store Winter Blankets

Once the last of the winter frost and chill has cleared your area, it’s time to get those bulky winter blankets washed and put away for next year. You might want to consider taking the blankets to a local laundromat if your own washing machine has trouble with big, bulky items.

Wash the blankets on a warm, sunny day and hang them up on the fence to dry.

After they have dried, store them away in a dry, critter free space until next winter.

Wash Halters and Lead Ropes

You can really lengthen the lifespan of nylon and cotton halters and lead ropes simply by cleaning them every few months.

These items can typically be tossed in the washing machine for a clean up. You don’t even really need soap, just a good water soak. Other great ways to wash them are to hit them with the pressure washer or the high pressure hose at the local car wash.

Replace outdated supplies in horse and human first aid kits

Similar to replacing smoke detector batteries each daylight savings time, it’s a great idea to go through first aid kits at least once a year. Medicines and other first aid supplies all typically have a shelf life and/or expiration date. Use the Spring Cleaning season as a time to clean your equine first aid kits and human first aid kits. Make sure they are fully stocked and easy to access.

Check the electric fence for breaks

The deer LOVE to jump right through our electric fence in the pasture. We try to walk the fence line very month or two to make sure that there are no breaks. We also test the electric fence to make sure that it is still holding a charge.

Take a walk and check on your fence. Note any wood rails that need replacing or anything else that might need a repair.

broken fence

Schedule vet and farrier visits that are due in the Summer

Spring is a good time to get any vet and farrier visits your horses might need lined up for the summer. If they need certain vaccines or a Coggins test before the show season starts, this is a good time to schedule those appointments.

horse farrier

Clean out trailer and check inspection

This one isn’t specific to the barn, but since the horse trailer is an extension of your barn, it’s worth talking about! Give the trailer a sweep out and wash. Check the tires, floor, hitch, window seals and latches/locks. Make sure everything is in good working order and see when the inspection is due.

If your inspection is due within the next 1-2 months, get that inspection appointment scheduled.

Clean All Tack

If you did any riding during the Winter and early Spring, chances are, you rode through some mud. That girth? It’s probably a mess! Give all of your tack a deep clean and condition the leather. When you clean the bridle, don’t forget to clean the bit!

Clean Out the Tack Room

Now that you have all of your tack cleaned and conditioned, and your saddle pads are cleaned and dried, it’s time to get that tack room in order! Tack rooms have a knack for collecting all sorts of odds and ends. It’s a great idea to go through it at least once a year.

Sort items that you no longer need and put them in a pile to be donated or sold.

Organize your tack and other supplies. Throw out any supplies or horse treats that have expired. We love using clear storage totes (with locking lids!) to keep all kinds of supplies in the tack room. The locking lids keep the critters out and the clear sides make it easy to see the tote’s contents at-a-glance.

Give the entire room a dusting and a floor sweep. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as an organized tack room!

We hope that this list gives you some inspiration and direction as you set your sights on your own barn this Spring! What are your top Spring cleaning items at your barn? Drop us a comment and let us know!


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