Rocking Horse Paper Craft

This rocking horse paper craft is a fun one for kids and adults alike! We have a material list, printable template and step by step directions below that you can use to make your own rocking horse. Give it a try the next time you are in the mood to create!

Rocking Horse HERO

The next time you find yourself trying to come up with a horse themed paper art activity, keep this one in mind! This paper rocking horse is a great craft to try. The list of supplies is fairly minimal and we have included the template for the horse below.

Before you dive into the tutorial, browse through our other DIY horse crafts. We are starting to build quite a collection!

This rocking horse craft is perfect for your next rainy day arts and crafts time. It would also work well for a summer camp activity.

If you are working with very young kids (or simply pressed for time) you can speed up the craft by precutting the template pieces.

Rocking Horse Craft Supplies

Gather up the following supplies to get started on this craft:

Rocking Horse Craft Materials

How to Make a Paper Rocking Horse

Follow the tutorial below to make your own rocking horse. Feel free to swap out colors if you want your rocking horse to have a different look. This is an art project, so there is no wrong direction regarding the final product!

1. Print out our template. Cut out the pieces. Use the liquid glue to glue the horse pieces and rockers to the cardboard paper. Glue the saddle pieces to the red construction paper. Cut out all of these pieces.

Rocking Horse Template
Templates on Cardboard

2. Use the liquid glue or double-sided tape to connect the paper sides of the horses together. ONLY GLUE THE TOP HALVES together. The cardboard paper sides should be facing OUT.

Double tape rocking horses
Taped top of horses

3. Use tape or liquid glue to attach a saddle to each side of the horse.

Saddles on horses
Saddle on horse

4. For the mane, tail and hooves, you can either draw them on with the black marker or use construction paper. If you are using construction paper, attach it to the horse with liquid glue.

5. Cut out 2 small rectangular strips from the cardboard paper.

Paper rectangles

6. Use the double-sided tape or a hot glue gun to attach the two front hooves to opposite sides of one of the strips you just cut. Repeat this step with the back hooves. These cardboard paper strips will hold your horse’s hooves apart, giving it a “pop up” 3-dimensional type setup.

Paper Strips glued to the bottom

7. Hot glue the rockers on the very bottom of the horse’s hooves.

Rocking horse ready for face

8. Use the marker to draw a face (nostril and mouth) on your horse.

marker for horse face

That’s it! You’re finished!

We made a couple different versions of these rocking horse crafts. They all turned out super cute. On one we used black construction paper and on the other we drew parts on with black marker.

Rocking Horse Final Plain

That’s it!

Your rocking horse is ready for play or display.

I hope you have fun making this craft. If you decide to give it a try, definitely let us know how it turned out! Feel free to tag us on social media if you post a picture of it. We would love to see it!


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