Rider Fuel Horse Show Snack Basket Idea + Printable

We have a really great idea for the next horse show that your farm hosts! Make up a “rider fuel” snack basket for the secretary stand. Filled with healthy snacks, this complimentary treat is sure to make show attendees smile! Grab our printable sign below for the perfect final touch to your snack basket.

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Horse Shows and Treats

How many horse shows have you been to that offer a basket of horse treats for your 4-legged pal? I have seen MANY of these! Typically located somewhere near the ribbons and/or secretary stand, the treat baskets usually consist of apples and/or carrots. Riders are encouraged to grab a treat for their pony, which is so sweet. After all, they are certainly very deserving!

Along the same note, many shows have a bowl of candy or mints for riders to enjoy.

That got me thinking… how awesome would it be if the host farm offered a bucket of “rider fuel?” In other words, some yummy, fairly nutritious snack foods that are just perfect for riders to grab and go.

If you have ever ridden in a show, you know that horse show nerves are very real. Heck, I used to get them as a rider and many times I still get them as the parent of a rider!

It can be tough to scarf down breakfast on those mornings, but I am always so glad when I think to pack snacks like granola bars to enjoy AFTER the riding.

Horse Show Snack Ideas

As you pack for your horse show, it’s always a great idea to throw some snacks in one of your bags. When it comes to good snack ideas for shows, I always try to pack snacks that aren’t too messy and things what won’t melt if it’s a hot summer day.

These types of snacks were what I had in mind when I put my rider fuel basket together.

Some suggestions for snacks include:

Treats in bucket

Rider Fuel Snack Basket

Once you decide to offer a basket of rider fuel (snacks) at your next horse show, it’s time to round up the food! I used a big plastic tote from the dollar store to hold all of my snacks.

Since you are likely buying these snacks in bigger quantities, I highly recommend heading to a warehouse club like BJ’s, Costco or Sam’s Club. If you don’t have a warehouse club nearby, try looking online for some good bulk deals.

Close up snacks

Printable Rider Fuel Sign

I made up this Rider Fuel Sign printable that you can add to your horse show snack basket for the perfect final touch!

Sign over bucket of snacks

Print the sign (it’s an easy-to-open PDF file) and if you want, place it in a frame. I recommend a plastic/acrylic frame. I try not to use glass items around horses, just in case they break!

You can set the sign next to your snack bucket so that riders know they can take a snack.

Picture frame holder
Rider Fuel Basket FB Image

This snack basket will no doubt make a great addition to your horse show! The riders will appreciate the thought that you put into offering a nutritious complimentary snack. Sure, there is a small expense involved, but is definitely a thoughtful way to spend a little bit of the show’s profit.

If you decide to make one of these snack baskets, let us know how it went! Feel free to tag us if you post a picture on social media. We love seeing our printables in action!


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