Puffy Paint Gingerbread Horse Craft

Grab some bottles of puffy paint and try out this sweet craft! Make your own puffy paint gingerbread horse craft. The supply list is a simple one – just paper and puffy paint. You can use our printable horse template below. This is a great craft for all ages.

Gingerbread Horse Craft HERO

Gingerbread houses and cookies are iconic holiday treats, and horses are timeless symbols of grace and beauty. Combining these two elements in a craft project creates a delightful fusion of holiday magic. Plus, the use of puffy paint adds a three-dimensional touch, making your gingerbread horse craft stand out.

You can certainly make this craft any time of the year, but it would lend itself well to the winter holiday season!

Puffy Paint Gingerbread Horse Craft Supplies

Before we start crafting our puffy paint gingerbread horse, let’s gather the essential supplies:

For the Craft:

Get the Template:

  • Horse Template (There are 2 horses on the sheet. Cut the page in half to have 2 project templates.)

NOTE: This file is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. You may NOT sell the digital file or sell the printed work. You may NOT redistribute the digital file or printed work.

Gingerbread Horse Craft Supplies

Step 1: Print and Cut Gingerbread Horse Template

Start by downloading and printing out our template. This template will be the base for your craft. We recommend printing it on heavy cardstock. Cardstock will hold up better under the puffy paint than a piece of regular printer paper. Cut the template in half. Each crafter gets one half page (one horse).

Step 2: Add Details with Puffy Paint

Now it’s time to get creative! Use white puffy paint to add the gingerbread details to your horse. This includes swirls, dots, and lines to mimic the look of gingerbread cookies.

Gingerbread Horse Craft White puffy paint

Step 3: Personalize Your Horse

Use additional colors of puffy paint (gel pens) to add festive details like saddle blankets, reins, and any other decorations you desire. Feel free to use buttons, sequins, or other small decorations to add extra flair to your gingerbread horse.

Gingerbread Horse Craft puffy paints finish

Step 4: Let Your Craft Dry

Once you’ve completed all the decorating and added any embellishments, allow your puffy paint gingerbread horse to dry completely. After it has dried, hang it up to decorate your space!

Tips and Tricks

  • Get Inspired by Colors: Don’t limit yourself to traditional gingerbread colors. You can decorate your gingerbread horses in various paint colors – the sky is the limit.
  • Personalize for Gifts: These gingerbread horse crafts make excellent personalized gifts or place settings. You can add the recipient’s name or a special holiday message to the horse to make it truly unique.
  • Craft with Friends: Gather your friends and family for a crafting party. Everyone can create their own gingerbread horse. (Plus, of course, serve gingerbread cookies while you craft!)

And there you have it – a sweet puffy paint gingerbread horse craft that’s perfect for the holidays or any day.

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If you decide to give this craft a try, let use know how it went! Feel free to tag us on social media if you post a picture of your masterpiece. We would love to see it!


Puffy Paint Horse Painting PIN

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