Popsicle Stick Animal Craft (Horse, Pig, Cow, Chicken)

Check out this adorable farm animals craft! You can make one or all of the popsicle stick animal collection below. Keep on reading for a full tutorial, supply list, and printable patterns. Make a whole barnyard of farm animals including a horse, pig, cow and chicken!

Barnyard Animal Popsicle Sticks HERO

Farm Animal Craft

I absolutely love these cute little popsicle stick barnyard animals! They turned out so colorful and fun looking. This project would be a great art activity for kids to work on at school, home or camp. The included animals (horse, pig, cow, chicken) will correspond well with units on farms, animals, colors, and more.

Before we dive into this popsicle stick animal craft tutorial, check out some of the other DIY projects we have posted! In particular, this popsicle stick barn would complement the animals quite well!

Alright, onward we go! Let’s make some popsicle stick animals! As I said above, you can choose to make all or just one of these animals. For example, you could make a whole herd of horses in all different colors!

These animals would make great decorations, theater puppets and more!

Popsicle Stick Animal Supply List

Glue note: You can skip the hot glue gun if you want kids to make the craft without assistance. Use craft glue instead of the hot glue. You will just have to allow time for the craft glue to dry.

Barnyard Animal Popsicle Stick Supplies

How to Make Popsicle Stick Horse, Cow, Pig and Chicken

Follow the directions below to make these animals! These instructions cover making 1 of each animal. You can adjust to fit your needs!

1. Lay out 4 craft sticks on your work surface. Paint each stick with a basecoat. Paint one stick pink, one brown, one white and one yellow. Let dry.

Apply second coat if necessary.

Painting Popsicle Sticks

2. Paint random, freeform spots on the white stick with the black acrylic paint. Let dry.

Apply second coat if necessary.

Painting Cow Patterns

3. Download and print out our farm animal pattern template. Cut out the patterns with scissors.

4. Use a black marker to trace the pig ears on pink felt, cow ears on black felt, horse ears and mane on brown felt, the chicken beak on orange felt and the chicken comb on red felt. Cut out all of the pieces. Fringe the horse’s mane with the scissors.

Cutting Patterns on Felt

5. Use a glue gun to assemble the animal pieces (or craft glue).

For the pig: attach pink felt ears to the back, 2 wiggle eyes, and a pink button for the snout to the front.

For the horse: attach the brown felt ears and mane to the back, 2 wiggle eyes and a brown button muzzle to the front.

For the cow: attach the black felt ears to the back, 2 wiggle eyes and a peach button muzzle to the front.

For the chicken: attach the red felt comb to the back, 2 wiggle eyes and orange felt beak to the front.

Glueing Buttons on Popsicle Stick Animals
Finished Popsicle Stick Animals
Popsicle Stick Animals in hand SQUARE

That’s it!

If you decide to give this craft a try, please let me know how it turned out for you! Feel free to tag us if you post a pic on social media – we would love to see it!

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