Pony Peeps Easter Treats + Printable Bag Toppers

Springtime brings new life, warmer temperatures and of course, the Easter Bunny. Check out these adorable pony themed treats that you can put together for your friends. We made these pony Peeps Easter treats and they turned out great. Add our free printable bag toppers for the perfect finishing touch.

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Easter at the Barn

Easter time around the barn is a wonderful time of year! Okay, yes, it’s also SUPER MUDDY. But aside from the muddy mess, it’s a great time to be surrounded by nature. From Springtime animal babies like lambs and chicks, to blooms of colorful flowers and trees with new leaves, new life is everywhere.

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Peeps Marshmallow Treats

Love ’em or hate ’em, every year the store shelves are bulging with technicolor marshmallow Peeps candy. Fun fact: some of our horses actually love Peeps!

Peeps come in a variety of colors and shapes, and now even different flavors. (For many years all Peeps had the same flavor.)

We love handing out Peeps treats at Easter, so we decided to make a cute pony themed bag topper for Peeps. Now we can hand these cute sweets out to our barn friends!

Pony Peeps Treats Supplies

You won’t need many supplies to make these pony Peeps treat bags!

Gather up the following:

Pony Peeps Supplies

Our treat bags were approximately 5 inches wide. I was able to fit 3 Peeps bunnies in the bag, and had a little room to spare. Our printable bag topper file has 3 pages of bag toppers. Each page has a different size topper. You can choose whichever size fits your treat bags best. For our bags, I used the 5 inch wide toppers.

Peeps in treat bags

Get the Printable Bag Toppers

Get the printables: Pony Peeps Bag Toppers

NOTE: This file is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. You may NOT sell the digital file or sell the printed work. You may NOT redistribute the digital file or printed work.

I do recommend printing these bag toppers out on white cardstock. The cardstock will make the toppers a bit sturdier than using regular printer paper.

How to Assemble the Treats

It does not get much easier than this!

  1. Fill treat bags with Peeps.
  2. Print and cut out bag toppers.
  3. Staple bag toppers to the tops of the bags.

That’s it!

Pony Peeps Treats Portrait

Aren’t they adorable?

I just love how they turned out and I cannot wait to hand them out the week before Easter.

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If you decide to give these printable tags a try, let us know how they worked out for you! Please feel free to tag us if you post a picture of them on social media. We love seeing our printables “in action!”


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