Pony Party Carrots and Ranch Dip Snacks + Printable Labels

Throwing a pony themed party? Or perhaps a western themed event? Not only are carrots and ranch dip a classic (and easy!) party snack, they also fit perfectly with the pony/western theme. See how we put them together for our daughter’s birthday party and grab our free printable dip cup toppers.

Carrots and Ranch Dip TGP

A few years back, we threw our daughter a big ‘ol pony-themed party for her birthday.  We made many of the favors, decorations, etc by hand.  We had months to plan the party, so time was on our side.  Making so many pieces of the party helped to cut costs drastically.

One of our favorite snack ideas from the party? Carrots and ranch dip cups!

Carrots are of course an iconic snack when it comes to the pony/horse theme. Many parties and events feature a raw veggie platter served with some sort of ranch dip on the side. Our snack featured carrots in their own single serving cups and lidded cups of ranch dip on the side. This snack was a huge hit with our guests of all ages!

Ranch Dip Cups TGP

Supplies Needed for Carrot & Ranch Cups

I used the following for our snack station:

How to Assemble the Snacks

1. Fill each clear plastic cup with 5-7 baby carrots.

2. Fill each condiment cup about 3/4 of the way full with ranch dip.

3. Top each lid with a label! (I actually printed our toppers on Avery 22807 round labels. This made them adhesive and super easy to stick on each lid quickly.)

That’s it! Easy and adorable snack idea that looks fantastic on your food table!

If you give this snack a try and use our labels, let us know how it went! If you post a picture of them on social media, feel free to tag us. We’d love to see it! 


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