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Horse Camp Supply List

Before you drop your child off for his or her first day of pony camp, grab our Pony Camp Packing List. This free printable checklist will make sure you send them well-supplied for their equestrian adventures!

We have been at this pony-camp-thing for almost a decade now! It started with our daughter and now our son tags along to camp throughout the summer.

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After so many years of pony camping, I do have the packing pretty much down to a science.  But every year I think to myself, it would be nice to have a packing list to run down, just to make sure we have everything she might need.

So after I jotted down a quick list of essentials, I knew it was just begging to be typed up into a printable checklist that I could share with all of you.

Prepare for ALL Elements

As you might imagine, horseback riding camp requires a few more supplies than say, an indoor sports camp. When you drop your kiddo off for a long day at the farm, there are lots of weather and nature related elements that you’ll want to prepare for. Bug spray, sunscreen, a change of clothes and LOTS of water to drink are always at the top of my list. Then, of course, there’s the lunch and snacks, followed by any riding equipment they might be required to provide. (Long pants, helmet and boots for starters, plus more gear depending on what level of riding they are at.)

Summer days here in the Northeastern US can be very hot and humid with frequent afternoon thunderstorms. I always find myself packing a lighter layer of clothes for the kids to change into after their riding lesson, plus things like baseball hats to keep sun (or rain) off their heads!

Local tack shops are a great place to pick up any equestrian gear you might need – also check out Amazon for camp essentials.

Pony Camp Supplies

Download this print for free right here.

Save this file by clicking on the link above. You can download the file (an easy-to-open PDF) or print a copy right from your browser. This print has been formatted to look best as a 8.5 x 11 inch image.

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Let us know if you give this printable a try! Do you pack anything for pony camp that isn’t on our list? Leave us a comment and tell us about it! 


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