When Your Leadline Rider Only Wants a PINK Ribbon

Pink Horse Show Ribbon PIN

If you have ever witnessed a leadline class at a horse show, be it a big show or a small, local show, you know that sometimes it’s all about the ribbon color (and NOT the placing) for these tiny riders. In fact, on more than one occasion, I have watched the blue ribbon winner cry … Read more

DIY Unicorn Hot Chocolate Bombs

unicorn hot chocolate bombs SQUARE 2

Hot chocolate bombs! These fun confectionary treats have taken social media by storm! For good reason, too: they are fun to use and if you love hot chocolate, they are delicious to drink. Check out this easy DIY tutorial to take your hot chocolate bombs on a decidedly “magical” turn.  Make these unicorn hot chocolate … Read more

Pony Party Carrots and Ranch Dip Snacks + Printable Labels

Carrots and Ranch Dip TGP

Throwing a pony themed party? Or perhaps a western themed event? Not only are carrots and ranch dip a classic (and easy!) party snack, they also fit perfectly with the pony/western theme. See how we put them together for our daughter’s birthday party and grab our free printable dip cup toppers. A few years back, … Read more

Things to Consider When Choosing a Lesson Barn for Your Child

Lessons at the farm

Are you planning on choosing a lesson barn for your child after they expressed interest in learning to ride horses? It’s great that you are encouraging your child to do something they love, but you must first consider a few crucial things before selecting a lesson barn. First, you need to find the best lesson … Read more

10 Fun Ideas for Gifts to Give Your Horse

pony stall

There is something about horses… they have a knack for stealing our hearts (and yes, perhaps our wallets!). When you have a sweet horse or pony who works hard for you and loves you unconditionally, it’s easy to become emotionally attached to them. Horses are also super cute! Becoming attached to your horse makes you … Read more

Horse Life Cycle Printable Lapbook Project for Kids

Horse Life Cycle Lapbook Collage

Kids will learn all about the life cycle of a horse and have an adorable lapbook to keep after they complete this fun project! Horse Life Cycle The life cycle of a horse is a great unit for kids, full of information that teaches them how horses grow from foals into adults. This lapbook project … Read more

Best Winter Equestrian Gear to Keep Your Rider Warm

Snow ride 1 edit

When the snow falls and the winds are howling, only the most dedicated equestrians keep up with their regular riding schedule. That doesn’t mean they aren’t freezing! Fortunately, there are some great products that can help to cut down on the cold. Check out our round up of some of the best winter equestrian gear … Read more

Upcycled Horse Show Ribbon Collage Vase Craft

Horse Show Ribbon Vase

If you or your child has been horse showing for any length of time, you know how quickly those ribbons tend to pile up! So, from time to time, we like to create some fun new DIY projects that incorporate upcycled ribbons. Follow the directions below to make your own collage vase with ribbon “bouquet.” … Read more

Great Books for Girls Who Love Horses

LJ Reading to Pretzel TGP

Do you, by any chance, know a girl who loves horses? We sure do. Actually, we know dozens of them. There are SO many wonderful books out there about horses. Whether your kiddo loves getting lost in a book or you find yourself bribing them to read, take note. You can often encourage a kid … Read more