Homemade Nutter Butter Horse Cookies

Nutter Butter Horse Cookies Hero 2

Looking for the perfect treat for your pony fans? Check out these adorable cookies!  We used Nutter Butter cookies to make horse cookies! Great idea for a party dessert. What’s more perfect for your favorite pony fan than a sweet treat that LOOKS like a pony? We made up these cookies the other day and … Read more

Why Do Girls Wear Horse Show Hair Bows?

Lily feeding pretzel

Have you ever wondered why kids have to wear certain parts of a horse show outfit? Read on to learn about horse show bows and why young equestrians often wear them. As you pack your horse show bag the night before a horse show, if you have a kiddo with long hair, you will want … Read more

Horse Show Packing List Printable Checklist

Horse Show Packing List Checklist HERO

Horse shows are hard work. And we aren’t just talking about the riding lessons in the weeks prior to the show or the horse trailering to get to the show, though they are certainly part of it. The actual show prep and packing can take a lot of time and energy as well.  Grab our … Read more

How to Dress Your Child for an English Horse Show

brass ring horse show braids

So, your young equestrian has reached an exciting part in his or her riding career: a horse show!  Horse shows are a fun way to show off your equestrian skills and know-how.  And like so many other sports and disciplines, the outfit is EVERYTHING. We will walk you step by step through how to dress … Read more