Mini Stick Horse Craft

Today, we’re diving into a fun DIY project that is the perfect craft for any horse fan. Make a mini stick horse and use it to decorate your home or barn… or turn it into a unique handmade Christmas ornament. This mini stick horse craft is a nod to the traditional stick horses (or hobby horses) that kids have enjoyed playing with for generations.

Mini Stick Horse HERO

Ready to get started? Grab your crafting supplies, and let’s create your very own mini stick horse!

Materials You’ll Need:

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Mini Stick Horse loop at top

How to Make Your Mini Stick Horse:

Step 1: Preparing the Felt Pieces

Begin by working on the base of your mini horse. Use our printable template to trace and cut out 2 horse heads from the light brown felt. Make sure to cut out two of these pieces, which will form the front and back of the horse’s head.

Template scissors
Templates cut felt

Step 2: Creating the Mane

The next step is to craft the mane. Cut strands of brown yarn to the length you prefer for the mane, which will run from the top of the head down to the neck. Apply some glue on one of the felt pieces where the mane will go, and then place your yarn strands down, pressing them into the glue to secure them in place.

Next, glue the popsicle stick in place on the bottom felt piece.

Finally, glue the top felt horse head piece in place over the bottom piece. Press down firmly to ensure they stick together properly.

Mini Stick Horse Yarn and supplies
Adding yarn mane
Glued mini stick horse

Use scissors to cut and fringe/fluff the yard pieces.

Fringe Yarn Mane

Step 3: Adding the Halter

Now, let’s add some color and detail with the horse’s halter. Cut a strip of red yarn and glue it across the face of the horse to mimic a halter. This simple addition brings a lot of character to your craft. Note: we only added the halter and marker face to one side of the horse. The back is left blank.

Mini Stick Horse Halter

Step 4: Detailing the Face

It’s time to give your horse its personality. Use a black marker to draw the eyes, nostrils, and any other facial features you’d like your horse to have.

Mini Stick Horse HERO

Step 5: Optional: Add a string loop

You can turn this craft into a hangable decoration (for example a Christmas ornament!) by adding a loop of yarn to the top of the horse. Simply glue a loop of yard to the back of the horse’s head.

Mini Stick Horse complete SQUARE

Your Mini Stick Horse Is Ready!

That’s it! You’ve completed your mini stick horse craft. Whether it’s hanging on your Christmas tree or displayed in a child’s room, this mini stick horse is sure to bring smiles. It would make the perfect summer camp craft or be a great idea for a holiday make-and-take activity.

Feel free to change the horse’s markings and colors by swapping up the felt and yarn colors.

Let me know if you give this craft a try! I would love to hear how it turns out for you!


Mini Stick Horse Craft PIN

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