LeMieux Grooming Bag Pro Review

I have been a horse show mom for more than 10 years at this point. I am always looking for a potential “best horse show bag ever” to tote around the show and hold supplies while we are ringside. Last month, I treated myself to the LeMieux Grooming Bag Pro to try out as my new horse show bag. Check out my review and pictures below to see how it’s going so far!

Lemieux Grooming Bag Pro Wisteria by Horse Show Ring HERO

The Best Horse Show Bag

As you might imagine, after more than a decade of toting my daughter to horse shows, I have gone through many horse show bags. Horse showing is a sporting event that sees more dirt, poop, sweat and other grime than most sports. That means that a great horse show bag must be several things:

  • Spacious
  • Pockets and/or compartments for organizing small items
  • Rugged/durability
  • Easy-to-access spaces
  • Shoulder strap or comfy handle

My Kid is Obsessed with LeMieux Equestrian Products

A few months ago, I had fun writing this piece on the sudden popularity of LeMieux tack and apparel. Our lesson barn is filled with colorful LeMieux pieces, including saddle pads and ear bonnets. The kids love swapping their color combinations depending on the season, upcoming holiday, or color of pony they are riding.

My own daughter’s obsession with this brand gave me the idea to get myself a LeMieux product. They seem to be very well-made items and durable for long-term use. Plus, I knew she would love it if mom jumped on the LeMieux bandwagon!

I was already on the lookout for a new horse show bag, and when I saw the Spring color lineup, I zeroed in on the Grooming Bag Pro.

Lemieux Grooming Bag Pro Wisteria with strap

LeMieux Grooming Bag Pro

The LeMieux Grooming Bag Pro is not a new product. You can find them in black or navy year round. However, it looks like sometimes the bag is also available in seasonal limited edition colors. My bag is a light purple color that was offered by LeMieux as limited edition color Wisteria in Spring 2023.

Bag Features:

  • Dimensions: 13.4 x 8.7 x 13 inches
  • Padded adjustable shoulder strap
  • Ergonomic grab handle
  • Front zipper pocket
  • Side mesh pocket
  • Waterproof nylon outer shell
  • Rugged reinforced molded plastic base

A Look Inside the Bag

The top inside of the bag offers another mesh zipper compartment.

In the main bag space, you will find 7 heavy-duty nylon dividers, each one having very grippy velcro strip along both outer edges. You can arrange these dividers however you’d like! If you are going to use this bag as a true grooming bag and fill it with brushes, combs, hoof picks, etc., you can arrange the dividers to fit those objects.

empty Lemieux Grooming Bag Pro Wisteria interior
empty Lemieux Grooming Bag Pro Wisteria velcro dividers

I was set on using this bag for a horse show “mom” bag. Instead of grooming supplies, I knew I wanted to fill my bag with all of those “emergency kit” type items that are handy to have at the trailer and at the show ring. I arranged the dividers to accommodate my must-haves.

empty Lemieux Grooming Bag Pro dividers moved

Filling the Bag

Once I had the dividers set where I wanted them, it was time to fill the bag!

Here are the items that I included in my LeMieux bag. (Check out the post I wrote a few months ago with my full list of horse show survival kit supplies. You will see many of those items in this bag!)

Lemieux Grooming Bag Pro Wisteria overhead view packed

As you can see, I have so many things loaded into my bag, and there is still plenty of room to add more. We went to our first show of the season last weekend, and I was really looking forward to using this bag!

I loaded up the LeMieux Grooming Bag Pro and packed it in the truck the night before the show.

Lemieux Grooming Bag Pro Wisteria packed up

Guess what?

The bag worked out great!!

I loved the rugged bottom and not having to worry where I was setting it down. Grass, gravel, and dirt ground areas were not problem for that bag. The bag held a lot of items without weighing a million pounds. I like the easy-access zipper top because I could keep the bag closed (keeping dirt OUT), but get inside of it quickly if I needed something.

It was a cute, manageable bag for me to carry from trailer to ring without issue.

Lemieux Grooming Bag Pro Wisteria on trailer

I have no doubt that this bag would also work wonderfully for its intended purpose: a grooming bag. There is so much room and the ability to move the compartments around is really convenient.

If you like the LeMieux look, but want to try a slightly smaller bag, check out the LeMieux ProKit Lite Grooming Bag.

You can find LeMieux products at tack shops and online, including amazon and the LeMieux website.

If you decide to pick up a Lemieux Grooming Bag Pro, let us know what you think! I would love to hear what YOU are using it for!


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