How to Make Polymer Clay Apples and Carrots for Breyer Horses

If you love making DIYs for your Breyer horses (or any toy brand of horses), you will love giving this one a try! We made some polymer clay apples and carrots to scale for our Breyers. They turned out absolutely ADORABLE and we put together this treat tutorial so you can try it yourself.

Breyer Horse Polymer Apples Carrots HERO 2

DIY Breyer Horse Accessories

Do you collect Breyer horses? I collected them as a kid and they were one of my very favorite toys for many years. My daughter has now had the good fortune to inherit all of my Breyers, my sister’s Breyers, AND my friend’s Breyers. That’s a LOT of toy horses! We have several huge bins of them and they are fun to play with and decorate with.

DIY Breyer accessories are popular crafts among Breyer fans. It is not unheard of for Breyer owners to make their own tack, blankets, treats, jumps and more to display with their Breyer horses.

Etsy is a great place to look for some of these items if you are not feeling crafty and want to buy instead of make.

Polymer Clay Crafts

Polymer clay is a wonderful medium to use for Breyer accessories, especially treats.

If you have never worked with polymer clay before, definitely give it a try. The clay is not super expensive and you can find it online and in craft stores in both multi-color packs and singles. The clay can be sculpted into whatever shapes you want. When you are happy with your design, you can bake the clay in your oven! This gives your clay creation a permanent, hard texture and it will last while maintaining its shape.

Making Clay Breyer Treats

My teen daughter made these treats completely on her own! She designed them and baked them and I think they turned out perfect.

Older tweens and teens will be able to make these treats fairly independently, of course keeping an eye on their oven use for safety. Younger kids can make the clay treats and then should have an adult assist them when it is time to bake.

Materials Needed for Polymer Clay Carrots and Apples

We decided to go with two iconic horse treats for these clay creations: carrots and apples. Did you see the horse popsicle we made last week? Filled with carrots and apples – our horses can’t get enough of them!

Here’s what you will need to make these treats:

How to Make Polymer Clay Horse Treats

Let’s get crafting!

You will need a small chunk of each color clay (mostly orange and red, just a tiny amount of green). We made 5 carrots and 5 apples during this craft session.

Red Orange Green Polymer Clay


1. Work with the clay for a few minutes to warm it up and make it pliable. Decide how many carrots you would like to make and break the orange clay into that many pieces.

Orange Polymer Clay Pieces

2. Form carrot shapes with each piece of clay. One end of each carrot should be thick and then the other end will form a point. The orange part of our carrots ranged from 1″ to 1.25″ long.

Orange polymer clay carrot shape

3. Take a very small piece of green clay and roll it out into 4 small stem-like pieces. Squeeze the pieces together on one end. This is the green top to each carrot. Repeat the process until you have a green top for every carrot. Then press the squeezed end of each set of greens onto the top of each carrot. Use a plastic knife or clay tool to make little lines across the carrot.

Green polymer clay small ball

Polymer clay green carrot shoots

polymer clay finished carrot


1. Work with the clay for a few minutes to warm it up and make it pliable. Decide how many apples you would like to make and break the red clay into that many pieces.

Red polymer clay piece

red polymer clay sections

2. Form apple shapes with each piece of clay by rolling the clay into small balls.  Our apples average about half an inch tall, maybe a tad less.

Red polymer clay ball

3. Poke a small hole in the top of the ball for the stem. Use the clay tool or knife to put 2 score marks on the bottom.

Red polymer clay with hole in top

Red polymer clay ball scored bottom

4. Roll out a tiny green stem for each apple. Stick a green stem in the hole in each apple top and squeeze the hole gently to hold the stem in place.

polymer clay green apple stems

Baking Polymer Clay

I highly recommend using the instructions that come with your clay, since baking times and temperatures vary by company.

Line a baking tray with parchment paper and place your clay treats carefully on the paper. Bake your clay according to the instructions (ours baked at 250 F for 15 minutes).

polymer clay apples and carrots on baking sheet

As soon as your clay has cooled completely, it is ready for play!

The clay will hold its shape nicely, though the green tops are a bit fragile since they are so thin, so definitely handle with care.

So fun, right?

Baked polymer horse treats

Breyer Pony apple on fence

Polymer Horse Treats HERO

Let us know if you decide to give this craft a try and tell us how it worked out for you! 


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