How to Make Horse Wrapping Paper

Homemade wrapping paper is a great way to put a very personal touch on your gifts! Check out the easy tutorial below for DIY horse wrapping paper. With a minimal supply list and just a few minutes of crafting, you can make your own horse wrapping paper.

Homemade Horse Wrapping Paper

Homemade Wrapping Paper

Homemade wrapping paper is definitely a timeless classic when it comes to gift giving. I’m sure we have all seen (or been gifted!) a present wrapped in the comic section of a newspaper! My sister used to win the prize when it came to “interesting” ways to wrap a gift… she has wrapped presents in everything from aluminum foil to blankets.

One of the easiest ways to make your own wrapping paper is to grab a roll of kraft paper and add your own decoration to it.

This kid-friendly craft is a fun way to add a special touch to any gift.

Some ideas for how to decorate the paper include:

Horse Wrapping Paper

We used some Melissa and Doug horse stamps that my daughter had in her art closet to make some pretty horse themed wrapping paper. Add some twine or ribbon to finish off your gift! This DIY wrapping paper would work well for any gift giving occasion, for example birthdays or Christmas.

Get the supply list and some more tips below.

Melissa and Doug Horse Stamps

Horse Wrapping Paper Supplies

To make this wrapping paper you will need:

Horse wrapping paper supplies

How to Make Horse Wrapping Paper

1. Gather the paper you want to wrap your gift(s) in. We used brown kraft paper on a roll for ours, but you can use any paper as long as it will cover your gift.

2. Use your horse stamps and stamp ink to fill your paper with horse stamps in different colors. We used brown and black, but you can use any stamp ink. We rolled ours out on the floor and let the kids stamp away!

Stamping horse stamps
Horse Stamping

3. Let the ink dry completely before using it to wrap your gift.

DIY Horse Wrapping Paper

4. Wrap your gift with the wrapping paper and tape. Complete the gift by tying a piece of ribbon or twine around it. That’s it!

Homemade Horse Wrapping Paper

We hope you have fun with this craft! As you can see – it’s easy enough for just about any age. Our kids had a blast decorating their own wrapping paper and used it to wrap up gifts for their trainer and barn friends for Christmas.


DIY Horse Wrapping Paper PIN

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