Horseshoe Dreamcatcher Craft

This fun DIY idea puts a distinctly equestrian spin on a traditional decoration. Follow the directions below to make a horseshoe dreamcatcher. You can use a real horseshoe if you have access to one, or construct a “shoe” from cardboard!

Horse Shoe Dreamcatcher HERO

Origin of the Dreamcatcher

You are probably familiar with the idea of a dreamcatcher. The first recorded use of a dreamcatcher was recorded with the Ojibwe indigenous tribe. This tribe populated both the United States and Canada, around the Great Lakes region.

A dreamcatcher was thought to help “catch” bad dreams and allow good dreams to filter through them. They were typically constructed with a willow hoop and a string/yarn net or web strung across the hoop. Sometimes beads or charms were strung on the web. These items were added as extra protection over the sleeping individual.

These days, one can find dreamcatchers all over the place. Many many shops and crafters make gorgeous and unique dreamcatchers that you can buy to match all sorts of different themes. Check out these handmade dreamcatchers – aren’t they beautiful? Dreamcatchers are a popular piece of bedroom decor for all ages.

Horseshoe Dreamcatcher

Horseshoes, with their distinctive round shape, make a really neat option for a dreamcatcher craft. If you have access to a real horseshoe, you can use that to make a dreamcatcher decoration. You can also buy horseshoes online OR you can opt to make your own horseshoe shape cut out of thick cardboard.

For our horseshoe dreamcatcher tutorial, we used a cardboard horseshoe.

I hope to make another dreamcatcher soon, using a real horseshoe. I will add those pictures to the bottom of this post once it is completed, so stay tuned!

Horseshoe Dreamcatcher Supplies

Gather up the following materials to make your own dreamcatcher:

dreamcatcher supplies

How to Make a Horseshoe Dreamcatcher

Follow the tutorial below to make your own cardboard horseshoe dreamcatcher:

1. Trace 2 identical horseshoe shapes on the cardboard sheet. Cut them each out.

cardboard horseshoes cut out

2. Use the thumbtack to poke holes in one of the cardboard horseshoes, as shown below.

cardboard horse shoe with holes

3. Take the string and begin weaving it through the different holes around the horseshoe. Overlap the string to create the appearance of a web. Use the pictures below for your guide.

cardboard horse shoe and yarn
Step 1 stringing horse shoe
Making web from string
Dreamcatcher web and thumbtack

4. After your web is complete, trim the string on each side and tie a small knot on each end to prevent the string from slipping back through the hole.

5. Gather three small bunches of feathers and cut 3 2-foot long pieces of string. Tie one end of each string around each bunch of feathers.

feathers on strings

6. String a few beads on each feather string. Tie the top end of each feather string to the back of the web.

7. Cut a piece of string (about 1 foot long) and tie each end to the top of the web. This string will act as the hanger so that you can display your dreamcatcher on the wall on a nail, hook or thumbtack.

Hang tie on horse shoe dreamcatcher

8. Take the 2nd cardboard horseshoe and glue it to the back of the other horseshoe. This will help to hide the messier backside of the web.

dreamcatcher with backing

That’s it!

Your horseshoe dreamcatcher is finished and ready for display!

As you can probably tell, this craft allows for a lot of creative freedom! Choose your favorite colors for feathers, string, beads, etc and make unique designs with each dreamcatcher!

These horseshoe dreamcatchers would look pretty as both home OR barn decorations.

Be sure to check out our DIY section for many more horse-themed craft ideas!

If you decide to give this craft a try, let us know how it turned out! Feel free to tag us on social media if you post a picture of your project – we would love to see it!


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