Horseback Riding Challenge Printable

Challenges are a fun way to try new and different things. They are a great way to break up the everyday routine. Check out this horseback riding challenge that we made. This printable can be used by equestrians young and old and includes a wide variety of both ground and riding activities to complete!

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Horseback Riding Challenge

If you are familiar with any kind of challenge, from workout challenges to home organization challenges, you know that they can be a great source of motivation! I know that I am always keen to try a challenge that might meet my goals – from financial to fitness, they tend to give me a renewed sense of energy and make the task at hand a bit more enjoyable.

My kids also LOVE challenges! We have printed all kinds of different challenges for them over the years. From reading challenges to LEGO building challenges, they have had a great time completing many of them.

It was in this spirit that we started thinking about different equestrian themed activities for a printable horseback riding challenge. We knew that we wanted to included a whole bunch of different horse-related tasks and actions that would give a rider lots of extra barn time!

Equestrian Challenge Items

Here’s a list of all of the different tasks on our horseback riding challenge:

  • Go on a trail ride
  • Make horse treats
  • Braid your pony’s mane and tail
  • Bareback ride
  • Photo session with your horse
  • Ride without stirrups
  • Practice leg wraps
  • Do a cloverleaf barrel pattern
  • Bathe your pony
  • After-lesson grazing session
  • Extra grooming session
  • Play a game on horseback
  • Organize the tack room
  • Go for an in-hand walk
  • Sing to your pony
  • Clean water buckets
  • Practice flying lead changes
  • Build and complete an obstacle course
  • Journal about lessons or shows
  • Pony makeover/spa session
  • Scrub and clean your bit
  • Clean and polish your boots
  • Ride with a friend
  • Set up and jump a gymnastic line
  • Oil your saddle and bridle
  • Set some riding goals
  • Learn a dressage pattern
  • Extra groundwork
  • Hold a mock hose show
  • Practice figure eight patterns

How to Complete the Challenge

There are no hard-set rules for this challenge! You can use it however you see fit. Feel free to set a goal date to finish the challenge, OR simply move though it at your own pace.

You do not have to do the items in order. Mix it up!

Get the Printable Challenge

Get the printable: Horseback Riding Challenge

NOTE: This file is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. You may NOT sell the digital file or sell the printed work. You may NOT redistribute the digital file or printed work.

I hope you have a lot of fun with this printable challenge! If you decide to give it a try, definitely circle back and tell us how it went! Were you able to complete the entire thing?


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