Horse Valentine Box Craft

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve got a fun project that’s perfect for your little equestrians. Schools often ask kids to create a decorated box to act as a “mailbox” for Valentine’s exchanges. This year, why not add a touch of barnyard flair to the tradition?

We’re diving into a DIY craft that the kids are going to love: a horse-themed Valentine box. This adorable 3D horse isn’t just cute; it’s functional, with a cozy nook for all those sweet Valentine’s cards. This craft can easily be adapted to fit any scale/size you might need.

Horse Valentine Card Box HERO

DIY Horse Valentine Box

Depending on your child’s school or even on his or her teacher, students might decorate bags or boxes for Valentines in class or they might need to complete them at home for homework.

Valentine boxes can take on all shapes and designs. We have seen everything from LEGO Valentine boxes to dinosaurs!

Gather up the supplies below and follow the step-by-step directions to create your own horse box.

You can of course make this horse craft for any occasion – not just Valentine’s Day! It would make a cute piece of decor in your barn or other spaces.

What You’ll Need:

Horse 3D box Supplies

Let’s Get Crafting:

  1. Template Time: Begin by cutting out the horse template. (Use ours – it’s the one labeled “3D horse,” or draw your own.) Trace this template onto your cardboard. Once that’s done, trace the cardboard onto the brown paper—this will be your horse’s fur coat.
    Horse template pieces cut out
  2. Box Building: Cut three rectangles from the cardboard and cover each rectangle with brown construction paper. Glue the paper in place. These pieces will come together to form a box—the body of your horse.
    paper rectangles and glue
    glue stick and cardboard
  3. Piece It Together: With your box assembled, attach the horse template pieces you’ve covered in brown paper to the box. For a visual guide, refer to the accompanying photo to see how your horse should come together.
    Horse pieces and glue stick
    3d horse box
  4. Finishing Touches: To bring your horse’s face to life, cut a circle and a strip of paper for the snout. Attach these to the face area. Grab your marker to draw on the eyes, nostrils, and any other details to give your horse character and charm.
    Horse box front
    Finished Horse Valentine box

A Few Tips:

  • Personalize It: Encourage your kids to add their own creative touches. Stickers, glitter, or even a mane made from yarn can make their horse uniquely theirs.
  • Scaling Up: If you’re aiming for a larger mailbox, simply adjust the dimensions of your cardboard pieces. Just ensure your construction paper “fur” covers the larger area.
  • Be Patient: Let the glue dry completely before filling your horse with Valentine’s cards. You wouldn’t want it buckling under the letter love!

Wrapping It Up:

There you have it—a horse-themed Valentine box that’s sure to gallop its way into the hearts of classmates and teachers alike. This project not only celebrates the spirit of Valentine’s Day but also shows off your child’s love for horses. It’s a wonderful way to combine craft time with an expression of personal interests.

Be sure to check out our big collection of horse DIY crafts on the site! We are always adding new crafts, so check back often.

If you decide to give this project a try, share your horse-themed mailboxes with us! We would love to see your horse Valentine box!


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