Horse Topper Mason Jar Lids Craft

Add some colorful, equine decor to any space with this horse topper mason jar lid craft! These jars look pretty on a shelf and would also make a fun gift. They work great for holding candy or gift cards!

Horse topper mason jars HERO

Hold onto your horses, we have a SUPER adorable craft to share with you today! In our house, we use mason jars for all kinds of things. They make great flower vases, food dishes, drinking glasses and of course, storage containers for any number of things.

We took regular pint-sized mason jars and got crafty with the lids. The result was a horse-tastic functional display piece that we can’t wait to decorate our space with!

Ideas for Mason Jar Storage

Here are just some of the things you can store in these jars:

  • Hair accessories
  • Makeup
  • Candy
  • Horse Treats
  • Art supplies
  • Office supplies
  • Money jar
  • Small toys

DIY Horse Topper Mason Jar Lids

These lids weren’t too tricky to make, but they did take about half a day from start to completion thanks to paint and glue drying time.

You can customize your jars with any paint colors you prefer.

Glass alternate: You can substitute plastic jars for glass if you want a non-breakable option. You can find plastic pint jars at most big box stores or simply use a clean food jar, for example from peanut butter.

Horse Jar Topper Supplies

You will need the following supplies for this craft:

I used a spray paint that was paint + primer. My thought in using this paint type was that the primer might help the paint stick a little better to the plastic horse figures.

Supplies for Mason Jar Horse Toppers

How to Make Horse Topper Lids

Follow this process step-by-step to make your own horse topper lids:

1. The first step is to glue the 2 pieces of each mason jar lid together. Use super glue on the bottom of the lid rim and carefully place the lid disc top into the glue. Allow this lid to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Mason Jar Lid

Super glue on mason jar lid

2. After the lid pieces are firmly stuck together, it’s time to glue the plastic horse to the top. I placed a small dot of glue on the bottom of each horse hoof. Next, I lightly touched the horse to where I wanted it to sit on the lid. This left small amounts of glue on the lid.

I added a little bit more glue to those spots and then (VERY) gently held the horse in place for about a minute. Let the horse figure glue dry completely before moving to the next step.

Gluing plastic horse to lid

Holding horse on lid

Plastic Horse glued to lid

3. Time to paint!

Gather your horse topper lids and spray paint. Head outside and I recommend laying out a big piece of poster board, newspaper or a drop cloth as a painting surface.

Spray painting lids

Spray painting takes some time and patience. This was a lesson that I needed to learn the first couple of times I used spray paint. Focus on a light dusting, back and forth. Then let dry for a bit. After that, add another coat. Repeat the entire process until you have the amount of paint coverage you desire.

I kept adding paint layers for a couple of hours, until I was happy with the look of the lids.

This is a helpful spray paint tutorial.

Final painted lid

4. After the paint from your final coat has dried completely, you can place these lids on your jars.

Horse mason jars close up

I loved how these jars turned out and had fun arranging them in some different ways. Check out these ideas for some inspiration as you decide how to fill your jars!

Ideas for Mason Jar Storage

I set up three different decor arrangements with my jars!

Art Supplies: Fill with crayons, glue sticks, erasers, paper clips, etc and have your supplies at-the-ready for homework or art time!

Purple Horse Topper School Supplies Jars

Fairy Lights: I think this setup is my favorite. I LOVE how great fairy lights look inside mason jars. This strand of fairy lights is battery-operated. The battery pack is actually hidden behind the canvas print.

Horse Jar Fairy Lights

Horse Topper Mason Jar Fairy Lights

Colorful Decor: Another easy idea is to fill your jar with something small and colorful. I had some glittery foam craft balls leftover from Christmas and they looked so colorful inside the jar! I arranged the jar with some other things on my desk to make a pretty display.

Pink Horse Jar Topper

That’s it!

I hope you enjoy this one!

Be sure to let us know if you decide to give a try. If you post a picture of your finished project on social media, feel free to tag us! We would love to see it!


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