Horse Themed Subscription Boxes for Equestrians

The horse lover in your life may seem like they have it all, but perhaps they haven’t checked out these horse themed subscription boxes yet. You can have these boxes sent to your house every month. When you open them, they are full of quality horse themed products! Each month is a surprise and this is the perfect way to try out new products and brands. 

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Check out this round up of the most popular horse and equestrian themed subscription boxes. Most of these subscriptions arrive monthly, however some offer other options with different frequencies. Prices are current as of the publication date of this article. Please double check pricing before you purchase.

Cavali Club 

Price $59 per quarter

Don’t want to settle for anything less than the highest quality products for you and your horse? Then check out the Cavali Club box subscription. You’re guaranteed that each quarterly box will have a value of much more than what you pay for. Each box comes with anywhere between 5 and 7 items, and ranges from home decor, clothing, horse treats, wellness, and so much more. 

Pony Xpress Club

Price: Pony size $39.95 per month (3-5 items); Horse size $59.95 per month (5-8 items) 

The Pony Xpress Club subscription box is perfect for children between the ages of 8 and 12 that just so happen to love horses. They’ll have a lot to unpack and get excited about when it shows up in the mail. Some of the items that you can expect include games, toys, books, crafts, wearables, and even snacks.  

LaLa Horse

Price: $39.95 per month

Do you have a daughter or niece between the ages of 6 and 18 that’s head-over-heels in love with horses? If the answer is yes, then LaLa Horse is a gift that they’re sure to appreciate. They have three different packages to choose from, but each is sure to come with books, jewelry, toys, accessories, and other fun items. But hold your horses! They have packages for boys and young men too!  


Price: $36.95 per month with free shipping! 

SaddleBox is one of the top horse subscription boxes out there and is something that both you and your horse can enjoy together. For your horse, they’ll send you grooming tools, horse treats, and other surprise gifts that they’re sure to love. And you’ll also receive books, gear, and other useful equipment while knowing that you’ve helped support horse rescue shelters.  We wrote a detailed SaddleBox Review that you can check out if you’re curious!

Saddle Box TALL

The Feisty Filly

Price: $49.99 per month

Our last horse-themed subscription box is another one that rewards both the horse and its caring owner. The Feisty Filly provides name-brand products you’re sure to recognize, and also homemade items, including treats, supplements, tack, and grooming supplies. Riders are also provided with other accessories they’ll be glad to have. 

These are some of the best horse-themed subscription boxes that are out there. Each comes with items that are unique and will have you excited and anticipating next month’s treasures. Which of these do you plan on getting for yourself or a loved one? 

High Point Ready

Price: $42.95 per month (Novice box, smaller) or $54 per month (regular sized box) 

The High Point Ready subscription box was designed by an all around rider. This monthly box contains show ring essentials, treats, and other fun surprises. This box would be perfect for any rider who enjoys riding in competitions with their horse.

The Elite Equestrian 

Price: $39.95 per month

The Elite Equestrian subscription box is PERFECT for anyone who loves to pamper their pony. This bi-monthly subscription box includes tack items, grooming tools, treats and other special items. Each box is customized to your personal preferences!

My Horse Box (UK Only)

Price: $49 per month

With My Horse Box, you can choose from one of their subscription plans, whether it’s their My Horse Box (4-5 items), or the My Horse Box Mini Box (2 items). Each month they’ll have a completely different theme to keep you excited, along with full-sized products so that you’ll be guaranteed to get more than your money’s worth. This subscription is currently only available in the UK.


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