Horse Themed Place Cards for Tables (Banquets, Weddings, Parties)

We have attended many weddings, parties and horse show banquets over the years! Almost all of them have used place cards to show guests which tables they are to sit at. Check out this easy DIY project where we turned plastic toy horses into silver horse themed place “cards!”

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Table Place Card Ideas

Have you ever been to a party or event that used place cards? We have been to many! Parties, weddings, banquets, and other large-crowd events typically have assigned seating for guests.

The event organizers put together a seating chart and decide who will sit at each table.

Tables are given names or numbers so that they can be identified. Finally, place cards are made for the guests. When guests arrive at the event, they head to the table full of name place cards to find their names. These cards tell guests which table to sit at.

Horse Themed Table Cards

We have been to many horse show banquets and even a few western/equestrian themed weddings over the years. We have seen some creative ideas for party decorations, centerpieces and favors.

For this craft, we used plastic toy horses (yes, the same ones we used for the mason jar horse toppers!) and spray painted theme a shiny silver color. They look so sparkly and pretty!

Check out the step by step tutorial below to see how we made these horse place cards. Use the directions to make your own!

Horse Place Card Supplies

To make these horse themed place cards, you will need the following:

How to Make Horse Figure Place Cards

Follow these steps:

1. Prepare a work space for your spray painting. I laid cardboard on the grass and placed the horses on the cardboard.

plastic toy horses

2. Shake your spray paint bottle and spray the first layer of paint on the horses.

silver spray paint

3. Continue the process of painting a layer, then allowing the paint to dry, until you are happy with the color.

Spray painted horse toys

4. Turn the horses over and repeat the paint process on the other side. Make sure to coat the horse’s bellies and chests as well.

Final coat spray painted plastic horses

5. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Use double-side tape to stick the cardstock names onto the horses. I printed my names on cardstock and then cut them out with my Silhouette in oval shapes.

Tape on label

Name tag on horse

Here is a measurement picture to give you an idea of the size of these. They are on the small side!

Horse toy measurement

You can set these horses up on a table or place them in a display.

Equestrian Table Name Placecards

If you give this craft a try, let us know how it turned out for you! 


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