Horse Themed Painted Rocks

Grab some rocks and different colored paints for a fun equestrian themed art activity! Check out the horse themed painted rocks that we made and use them for inspiration. Painting rocks is a wonderful activity that both kids AND adults will enjoy! When you are finished, you can keep the rocks or hide them around your community for others to find!

Horse themed painted rocks HERO

Painting Rocks Art Activity

Believe it or not, I had NEVER painted rocks before this art session with my daughter. My kids have painted rocks a bunch of times, but for one reason or another, I had never joined them. Until now!

I have to say: I thoroughly enjoyed this craft! It was easy to do and required minimal art supplies. We set out to paint our rocks with a theme, but you can paint your rocks any old way you’d like.

Some people actually paint rocks to hide around their community! That is definitely a fun idea and a great “random act of kindness” that you might like to try.

Supplies for Painting Rocks

As I said above, the supply list for painted rocks is pretty short! Gather up these materials for your rock painting session:

I also recommend having newspaper or paper bags to lay down on your work surface.

Rocks to paint

How to Choose Rocks to Paint

As I mentioned, we used rocks from our gardens. We have a lot of river rock and other landscaping rocks that fill in various gaps and spaces around the yard.

If you do not have rocks around your home, you can find them at most landscape and garden centers. Home improvement stores also tend to sell them in the garden area.

Look for rocks that are smooth and flat on at least one of the sides. Color and size are entirely up to you.

Flat Rock

How to Paint Rocks

You have probably already guessed: painting rocks can be as simple or as involved as you want to make it. You can spend hours on one rock or churn out a different rock every five minutes.

We spread brown paper grocery bags over our work surface and laid out the rocks that we hoped to paint. We had plenty of brushes and each had our own cup of water for rinsing the brushes. Small paper plates worked perfectly for our “palettes.”

Our rock painting took place outside on a fairly sunny day. The sun helped to dry the rocks in a short amount of time!

Painting blue ribbon on rock
Painting ribbon colors on rock
Painting horse themed rocks 1
Painting horse themed rocks 2

This was such a fun and relaxing way to spend the afternoon! I can definitely say with certainty: my first time painting rocks will not be my last! I really enjoyed it!

Check out all of the horse themed rocks that we painted. We tried to think of different equestrian themed objects to paint on our rocks. We will be placing them in our flower beds around the farm!

Horse Themed Painted Rocks

Horse shoe and ribbon rock
Blue Horse Show Ribbon Rock and Horse Shoe Rock
horse jump painted rock
Horse Jump Rock
horse head painted on rock
Horse Rock
apples and carrots painted on rock
Apples and Carrots Rock
Horse show ribbon colors rock 2
Horse Show Ribbon Colors Rock
horse helmet rock
Riding Helmet Rock

The other rocks that we painted include:

  • Stirrup
  • Trophy
  • Heart
  • Hay Bale
  • Saddle
  • Horse Poop!
Horse themed painted rocks HERO

I love how they turned out! These rocks are going to add such a fun pop of color in our flower beds.

Let us know if you give horse themed rock painting a try and tell us how they turned out for you! Feel free to tag us on social media if you share a picture of your rocks. We would love to see them!

Looking for more horse DIY ideas? Browse the site while you’re here – our list of crafts is really starting to grow!


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