Horse Themed Easter Basket Ideas

Before the Easter Bunny hops into town, take a look at these horse themed Easter basket ideas. We have rounded up some great basket fillers for you to consider across a few different themes. See the unicorn Easter baskets, horse lovers Easter basket, and an equestrian horse show themed Easter basket that we made. Use the inspiration for your own Easter basket building!

horse easter basket

Horse Themed Easter Baskets

Just like Santa might bring all sorts of horse themed gifts and stocking stuffers for any horseback rider, the same can be said of the Easter Bunny! Easter baskets come in all sizes and can be filled with all sorts of different things. Sometimes they are filled entirely with candy. Other baskets are filled with non-candy trinkets. MANY Easter baskets are filled with a combination of the two.

We had a lot of fun putting different baskets together to match horse and unicorn themes.

Ideas for Baskets

You can use a traditional basket to hold Easter goodies, or you can think outside the box a little. Here are some basket-alternatives to consider:

Easter grass alternative: If you REALLY want to nail the horse theme for your Easter basket, skip the traditional Easter grass and instead, use hay or straw.

What to Put in Horse Themed Easter Baskets

Besides candy, here are some items at varying price points that you might want to add to your basket! Of course, you will also need to consider the recipient’s age and individual preferences before you settle on what to buy!

We are going to break down the basket suggestions by basket theme.

horse themed easter basket

Equestrian Horse Show Easter Basket Ideas

This basket is for the young horseback rider in your life! Perfect for kids who love ponies and love to compete in horse shows. This horse show Easter basket is filled with candy and some of our favorite show-day must-haves.

Horse Show Easter Basket
Horse Show Easter Basket

What to add:

Horse Lover Easter Basket Ideas

This basket was put together with the true horse lover in mind. What sets it apart from a traditional basket? Well, this Easter basket has treats for both rider AND her horse! We used a wooden crate for our basket and filled it with Easter grass. The carrot embellishments were found at the dollar store!

The horse lover Easter basket has items for human and horse, and includes handy helpers for the barn.

Horse Lover Easter Basket 1
Horse Lover Easter Basket
Horse Lover Easter Basket 2
Sweet treats for the rider AND her horse!

What to add:

Unicorn Easter Basket Ideas

There’s no such thing as too sparkly or too much color when it comes to a unicorn themed Easter basket! I actually found these cute unicorn Easter baskets at the Dollar Tree. I added some purple Easter grass and then our goodies on top.

Unicorn Easter Baskets Front
Unicorn Easter Basket

What to add:

Unicorn Easter Baskets Top

Do you ever put themed Easter baskets together? What are some of your go-to items (besides candy!) to add to baskets? Definitely leave us a comment and tell us about it!

I hope that these ideas come in handy and help to get your creative juices flowing. While there is nothing at all wrong with a candy-only Easter basket, sometimes it can be fun to add a little something extra! Let us know how your baskets turned out this year!

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