20 Creative Horse Themed Crafts for Kids

A DIY project is always a fun way to use some creative expression! Check out these adorable horse and pony themed crafts. Each one would make a great activity at camp or on the next rainy day at home.

Arts and crafts are always a fun part of a camp day! My kids LOVE the different projects that they have gotten to create at camp. They also love making various DIY projects at home, and I am always on the lookout for new ideas.

Art Project Fun

During the summer when they head to pony camp, they make art projects almost daily. Sometimes they make horse themed art projects and other days they work on more general creations. A couple of their favorite equestrian crafts over the years have included:

  • tie-dyed saddle pads
  • horse shoe dreamcatchers
  • horse shoe picture frames
  • pony knapsacks
  • pony treats

They also loved the day that they got to hydro-dip water bottles to use at camp!

Check out the following ideas for some kid-friendly equestrian and horse themed craft ideas to try!

Post update: This post was one of the first posts on this blog! Since then, we have published MANY great horse crafts for kids of our own. See them at the end of this post! 

Horse Crafts for Kids

This clothespin horse craft from The Pinterested Parent is so cute! I love the cupcake liner for a saddlepad/blanket.

clothespin horse craft

Our printable Life Cycle of a Horse Lapbook is a great activity that will also teach kids all about horses! From a baby foal through adulthood, this project packs a lot of equine info inside of it.

Horse Life Cycle Lapbook Collage

String art is a fun project to try and the end result is a pretty picture that you can hang up as decor! Try this horse string art project from The Joy of Sharing.

horse string art

Years ago, we threw a pony party for our daughter. I just recently revived some of that content and posted the blue ribbon cookie jars that we used as favors. For that party we also made DIY wooden stick horses for the kids. This would be a fun project for kids – have the wooden pieces cut and assembled ahead of time and then let the kids decorate/paint their horses!

diy stick horses

Save your empty toilet paper rolls for a couple of months and have the campers make these toilet paper roll horses! Kids can customize the look of their horses by choosing from a variety of yearn and construction paper colors. Check out the tutorial for this craft on A Cowboy’s Life.

toilet paper roll horse

I absolutely LOVE the creativity behind these cardboard dala horse crafts! They are so colorful and pretty! Check out the project directions and supply list on Art Camp Studio.

cardboard dala horse craft

Grab some paint, markers and paper plates for this one! Simple Everyday Mom will show you how to make this sweet paper plate horse craft!

paper plate horse craft

Here is our paper plate horse craft version!ย 

Horse Paper Plate Craft Leaves HERO

Dreamcatchers are a neat craft to make, and they double as a nice house decoration. Learn more about the Native American legend behind the dreamcatcher. For this craft, instead of the traditional circle shape, these dream catchers use real horse shoes at the web frame. Running Ivy Equine has a good horseshoe dreamcatcher video tutorial that you can follow to make your own.

dreamcatcher diy craft

These decorative horse jars are the PERFECT way to upcycle some old jars and toys! The end result is a beautiful display piece that is also functional. These jars can hold all kinds of supplies around the house, and they will look great on your shelf. This example and tutorial is from Horses and Heels.

decorative jars with horse lids

Here is OUR version – we made mason jar horse toppers!

Horse mason jars close up

Those preschool years when my kids churned out art project after art project were some of my favorite times. I am a total sucker for anything with my kids’ handprints or footprints on it. These pieces make such meaningful keepsakes! Give this project from Fun Handprint Blog a try and make these footprint horses!

footprint horse picture

These Unicorn Hand Puppets are a fun paper craft that can be played with after they are completed!

Unicorn Puppet Process S

Popsicle stick horses are an easy craft and use a minimal list of art supplies. Hang them up on the wall when they’re finished or pop a magnet on the back for a cute refrigerator decoration.

Popsicle Stick Horse HERO

How cute are these clothespin horses? They will be fun to play with or look great on any shelf.

Clothespin Horse Craft HERO (1)

Feeling like a unicorn? You can look like one too with a DIY unicorn headband!

DIY Unicorn Headband COMPLETE

This paper cup horse craft would make a great camp activity or a perfect preschool project during a unit on farm animals.

Paper Cup Horse Finished

Make some of these felt horse pencil toppers for a cute party favor or party craft activity.

Horse Pencil Topper HERO

Upcycle an old horseshoe and turn it into a horseshoe picture frame. This frame is perfect for your favorite horsey picture!

Horse Show Picture Frame HERO

These tie dye saddlepads add so much fun color to your tack! They are a (messy!) great summer activity to work on outdoors.

Tie Dyed Saddle Pads pony

These DIY Pool Noodle Stick Horses turned out awesome! The kids had fun putting them together and LOVED riding them around the yard on horseless horse jumps! Great party craft!

Pool Noodle Stick Horses HERO

I hope that these ideas help to inspire some craft time success for you and your kiddos. Horse themed art projects are a great time filler for camp, pony club, or even just downtime at home.

If you decide to give any of these projects a try, let us know how they turned out for you! 


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