Horse Show Journal For Kids (Great Equestrian Gift Idea!)

Looking for a great journal option to record horse show results and memories? Check out our horse show journal for kids. It is the perfect space for kids to write down horse show results and more!

Horse Show Journal for Kids

As your young equestrian progresses from riding lessons to the world of horse showing, it can be fun to keep track of his or her show results. More than that, it can be really neat to write down little details from each show to look back on as time goes by. After the first handful of horse shows, they all start to run together in your mind. Having a journal to jot these details down is a great idea!

Horse Show Journal

This horse show journal is actually a project that my daughter and I wrote together during our “unplanned time at home” in 2020. We had a bunch of extra time on our hands and were missing our barn friends and horse shows in general.

Over the years, I had talked to various other parents at lessons and clinics who had purchased horse show logs and journals online. Every single one was very dissatisfied with the journals they purchased. Some weren’t detailed enough, others were too wordy… then there were several that were just downright sloppy. Misspelled words and ugly formatting graced many of the pages.

That got us thinking: we could publish a horse show journal that had everything the others lacked.

Journal Features

We like to refer to this journal as a “guided journal and log book.”

The first few pages offer some checklists and horse show tips:

  • Horse Show Nerves: Lots of practical tips for overcoming nerves and anxiety before a show.
  • Horse Show Packing List: Checklist with horse show essentials that you won’t want to forget to pack, including show clothing. Blank space is included for adding trailer supplies or anything else you want to bring.
  • Ideas for Good Luck: For riders who like the idea of a “lucky charm” at shows, this page has a variety of ideas.
  • Horse Show Log: 2 full pages where you can log results and details from 30 different shows.
  • Volunteer Log: This section is perfect if you belong to a show association that requires members to log volunteer hours during the horse show season.
  • Milestones Log: Jot down special milestones and awards in this journal section! First jumping class? Year end award in a division? First travel show? Write them down!
  • Photo album: These pages provide spaces for pictures! Formatted to fit “wallet sized” pictures (roughly 3×2 inches), use this section to hold your favorite horse show and barn pictures. You can print your pictures at home or have them printed from a store or online service. I recommend using glue sticks or tape as the adhesive. Colorful washi tape would give you
  • Notes: The end of the journal includes several lined pages with extra space for jotting down whatever notes you want.

Horse Show Results Log

This equestrian planner has a full page layout across 2 book pages for each horse show. There is a 2 page spread for 30 different horse shows. You can easily track horse show placings in one spot and have a book full of memories to look back on.

Some of the details you can record about your shows on these fun pages include:

  • Date
  • Show location
  • Weather
  • Horse/Pony ridden
  • Number
  • Bows worn
  • Who came to watch
  • Space for a picture
  • Show log with space to write: class name, number of entries, results, strengths, things to work on/trainer advice

show log

Great Gift for Kid Riders

This horse show journal would make a fantastic gift for kid riders of all ages! From the youngest leadliner through equestrians in their teen years, this horse show log book would make a great spot to record show results.

While this journal is written specifically with hunt seat equitation classes in mind, it would work for other riding disciplines including: dressage, trail, showmanship, western pleasure and more. It is a versatile log that can be used for open shows, farm shows, IEA shows, rated shows, etc. From classes over fences to flat classes, record them all in this book.

Where to Buy

You can grab this journal on Amazon and it ships with Prime shipping. Add it to your cart and checkout – that’s it!

We had so much fun writing this horse show journal together and we hope you love it too! If you pick up a copy, be sure to let us know what you think! 

Horse Show Journal Front Cover Mock

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