15 Horse Magazine Subscriptions to Check Out

There are some fantastic horse magazines for both kids and adults that you can read and subscribe to. We love getting “happy horse mail” with subscriptions to horse themed magazines! Check out the options we have rounded up below and consider grabbing one for yourself or as a gift.

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Horse Magazine Subscriptions

Are you a magazine reader? Do you love horses? If you answered yes to both of those questions, this is the perfect article for you to peruse. The magazine industry has certainly changed over the years. Many magazines can still be purchased in a traditional print format. Though the digital age has certainly seen a surge in popularity with magazines as well. Most of the bigger magazines these days offer a digital version. Some magazines offer print AND digital.

I have included both print and digital horse magazine subscription options below. You will find a pretty big variety of horse magazines to choose from. There are several magazines that are aimed at a younger (kid) audience and then a bunch that are written for an adult audience.

Take a look at what is available and see if any of them interest you. I will note how many issues are published in a year. This varies greatly among the different titles. One of the magazines below is published WEEKLY, while some of the others only put out 1 issue each quarter (4 issues per year).

Many of these subscriptions are available directly from the publisher, on discount magazine sites, and on amazon.

Horse Magazines for Kids

Young Rider Magazine

  • Aimed at tweens and teens
  • Published quarterly

Blaze Magazine

  • Aimed at ages 8-14
  • Published quarterly


  • Aimed at tweens and teens
  • Published monthly
  • Note: this is a British publication, however they do offer shipping to the United States

Horse Magazines for Adults

Practical Horseman Magazine

  • Published quarterly

Horse and Rider Magazine

  • Published quarterly

Horse Illustrated Magazine

  • Publishes 10 issues/year

Equus Magazine

  • Published quarterly

The Horse Magazine

  • Published monthly

American Quarter Horse Association Journal

  • Publishes 6 issues/year
  • Available exclusively to AQHA members

Horse & Hound Magazine

  • Published weekly

Your Horse Magazine

  • Publishes 13 issues/year
  • Digital

Western Horseman Magazine

  • Published monthly

American Paint Horse Association Journal

  • Published monthly
  • Available exclusively to APHA members

American Farriers Journal

  • Publishes 8 issues/year

Barrel Horse News Magazine

  • Published monthly

That’s our list! I hope that you have fun browsing all of these different horse publications that are available.

Are you already a subscriber to any of the horse magazines listed above? Give us some feedback in the comments below with your favorites! We were subscribers for many years to Horse Illustrated when I was growing up. These days my daughter absolutely loves Young Rider and has been a subscriber to that title for at least 3-4 years now.


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