Homemade Nutter Butter Horse Cookies

Looking for the perfect treat for your pony fans? Check out these adorable cookies!  We used Nutter Butter cookies to make horse cookies! Great idea for a party dessert.

Nutter Butter Horse Cookies Hero 2

What’s more perfect for your favorite pony fan than a sweet treat that LOOKS like a pony? We made up these cookies the other day and they kept making us SMILE! Nutter Butter horse cookies are a fun treat and a DIY cookie that requires NO baking. Kids can assemble them with minimal adult help.  These cookies would also look perfect on the dessert table at your next party. Great addition to pony parties, barnyard animal themed parties, etc.

Check out the easy directions below. You can change up the melted chocolate colors to change the horse’s appearance/mane color.

Horse Cookie Supplies

Nutter Butter Horse Cookies Hero 2

Homemade Nutter Butter Horse Cookies

The perfect treat for your pony themed party! Make these Nutter Butter horse cookies - no baking required!
Prep Time 20 minutes
Servings 4


  • 1 pack Nutter Butter cookies
  • candy googly eyes
  • Twizzlers (Pull 'n Peel variety)
  • Melting Chocolate (we used brown and white)
  • peanuts or cashews 2 halves per cookie


  • Gather your ingredients. I recommend picking out the peanut/cashew halves that you want to use for ears before you start melting any chocolate.
    Peanut Ears on Cookies
  • Pick a color of melting chocolate and melt it according to the package directions. I chose the white melting chocolate to work with first. Place a dab of melted chocolate on one side of the top of the cookie. Press a peanut/cashew into the chocolate. Repeat with the second side. Let sit for a couple of minutes so the chocolate hardens.
    White Chocolate on Cookie
  • Attach ears to all cookies.
    Peanut Ear on Cookie
  • Line the cookies up and reheat chocolate if necessary to attach the eyes.
    Peanut Ears on Nutter Butters
  • Place 2 small dabs of melted chocolate on the top half of each cookie. Press a googly eye on each dab of chocolate.
    Googly Eyes on Nutter Butters
  • Cut the Twizzlers to small pieces that span the lower half of the cookie. Smear one side of the cut Twizzlers with melted chocolate and press the Twizzler onto the cookie for the horse's halter.
  • Add hair, nostrils and a mouth with whichever color you'd like. We used white chocolate for some of the manes and brown for the others. We used the brown chocolate for the nostrils and mouths.
    Nutter Butter Horse Cookies Close
  • I used a plastic sandwich bag as a piping bag to draw on the hair and other details!

You can enjoy these super cute horse cookies right away or store them in an airtight container at room temperature for up to a week.

We had fun making these cookies and couldn’t help but laugh at the finished treat. Let us know if you give these cookies a try and tell us how they turned out!

You can easily customize the mane colors by using different melting chocolate colors. If you can’t find the Twizzlers that we used, you can always pipe a halter on with melting chocolate!

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