Great Books for Girls Who Love Horses

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Do you, by any chance, know a girl who loves horses? We sure do. Actually, we know dozens of them. There are SO many wonderful books out there about horses. Whether your kiddo loves getting lost in a book or you find yourself bribing them to read, take note. You can often encourage a kid to read more when the books are about something that interests her! So if you have a girl (or boy!) who loves horses, try some horse books.

Check out some of our very favorite books about horses for kids.

Great Books About Horses

(These are aimed at the elementary/middle school aged crowd.)

Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry: This series of books is based on real events that took place on the island of Chincoteague (off the coast of Virginia).  Follow the story of a sister and brother who are determined to tame one of the wild ponies that is rounded up during the annual Pony Penning Day event. Books that pick the story up after this one include Stormy, Misty’s Foal, Sea Star, and Misty’s Twilight.

Misty of Chincoteague

Saddle Club by Bonnie Bryant: This series hit store shelves (and Scholastic Book Club fliers) when I was in elementary school and I quickly amassed the collection as the new books were published.  The Saddle Club books follow a group of 3 girls who could not be more different if they tried.  There is one thing that unites them, however, and that thing is… you guessed it!  Their love for horses.  They become fast friends and have many riding adventures throughout the many books in this collection.

the saddle club

Billy And Blaze by C.W. Anderson: A classic series that follows a boy named Billy and his horse Blaze.  They go on many adventures with each other as their friendship grows.  A sweet collection of stories!

Billy and Blaze

American Girl – Saige by by Jessie Haas: 10 year old Saige is a talented artist who loves to hang out at her grandmother’s ranch. This book follows her quest to raise money to save the art program at her school. While her grandmother recovers from an accident, Saige attempts to continue to train the grandmother’s horse, Picasso. Can Saige gather enough courage to take her grandmother’s place riding Picasso in the annual parade?

american girl saige

American Girl – Felicity Series by Valerie Tripp: Felicity’s story is set in 1774 in the Colonial America (Williamsburg, VA).  She is a 9 year old girl whose very favorite thing to do is to ride horses.  She falls in love with a new horse in town, Penny.  Penny’s owner is very cruel and Felicity decides that it is up to her to save the horse.

Meet Felicity

More Great Books for Kids Who Love Horses

We would love to hear what your favorite horse books are!  Leave us a comment with them!  

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