Goldfish Carrots Treat Bag Snacks

We used Goldfish cheddar crackers in plastic cone-shaped treat bags to make some really fun looking “carrot” snacks. These Goldfish Carrots treats will work great for any horse or barnyard animal themed party. They are also a fun and easy snack idea for your Easter celebrations. Check out our step-by-step tutorial below to make your own “carrots.”

Goldfish Carrot Snack

Carrot Themed Treats

We have thrown a LOT of parties over the years, and out of those parties, several have been pony or barnyard animal themed. Carrot themed treats work so well for these parties! They look great on the food table and can also double as creative and practical party favors.

Before we talk about these Goldfish Carrot treats, take a look at the other carrot themed treats and snacks that have posted:

Goldfish Carrots

I have seen these treats made a few different ways over the years. Really any orange candy or dry snack food will work. The important thing is the color! You want to find a food or candy that is predominantly ORANGE.

I chose Pepperidge Farm cheddar Goldfish crackers because my kids love them and we frequently buy them for school party snacks. I like that they are nut free food as well as relatively mess-free. (Unless of course someone steps on a Goldfish. Then you will definitely have a mess!)

Other Orange Foods to Use

If you don’t like Goldfish or can’t find them at the store, here are some other foods that would work:

  • Cheez-Its
  • Cheese Balls
  • Orange M&Ms
  • Orange Jellybeans
  • Mike and Ike Orange
  • Orange Starbursts

Supplies for Carrot Goldfish Snacks

To make these snacks as pictured above, you will need the following supplies:

Supplies for Goldfish Carrot Cones

Once you have gathered up all of your supplies, it’s time to make some Goldfish carrots! I was able to fill approximately 10 treat bags with Goldfish crackers using that 30oz package of Goldfish pictured above.

You can make these treats up a day or two before you plan to hand them out. Since you’ll twist the top of the favor bags after they are filled, the bags will seal pretty well. The crackers will stay fresh and won’t get stale too quickly.

How to Make Goldfish Carrot Treat Bags

You can make these treats one at a time or you can make them in stages. (For example, first fill all of the bags with crackers. Next twist and tie and all of the bags shut.) Whichever method words the best for you is great.

1. Fill the treat bags with Goldfish. I filled each bag and left about 2.5-3 inches at the top unfilled.

Goldfish in Plastic sleeves

2. Twist the bag closed and tie it shut with one piece of green ribbon.

green ribbon on snack bag

3. Take the other 3 pieces of cut green ribbon and tie them around the top of the treat bag, spacing them out evenly around the bag.

Green Ribbon pieces tied to snack bag

4. I used a piece of green washi tape to cover the spot where all of the ribbon was tied to the bag. After adding the tape, you can trim the ribbon if you’d like.

Top of Goldfish Carrot Snacks

That’s it!

The Goldfish carrots are finished!

Don’t they look adorable?

Finished Carrot Goldfish snack

How to Display and Serve

Feel free to get creative with how you serve these snacks! You could put them in a clear bowl with brown paper shred to look like carrots in the garden dirt.

I added Easter grass to a 1.5 gallon galvanized steel bucket and stuck the carrot snacks into the grass.

It looked great!

Bucket of Carrot Goldfish Snacks

Let me know if you decide to give these snacks a try! If you post a picture to social media, feel free to tag me. I would love to see how yours turned out!

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