10 Fun Ideas for Gifts to Give Your Horse

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There is something about horses… they have a knack for stealing our hearts (and yes, perhaps our wallets!). When you have a sweet horse or pony who works hard for you and loves you unconditionally, it’s easy to become emotionally attached to them. Horses are also super cute! Becoming attached to your horse makes you want to spend every dollar you have on those little stinkers. So here are some fun, not-super-expensive, ideas for gifts to give your horse.

Gift Ideas for Horses and Ponies

Salt Lick

Horses love salt licks, just like deer and other animals. The salt also helps horses maintain a healthy electrolyte balance. Grab a salt lick or two and hang them around your barn or from your fence. Our horses get get enough of their salt licks!

Jolly Ball

Jolly Balls are a fun toy for horses of all ages. They are also fun to kick around when you’re supposed to be cleaning stalls. Not only can we as people enjoy it, but horses can pick the ball up by the handle and have some fun.

Jolly Stall Snack System Horse Toy

If your horses spend a lot of time in their stalls each day, the Jolly Stall Toy is a great boredom buster. This toy has a salt lick and a Jolly Ball all in one! It is a great way to keep your horse entertained.

Horse Treats

You can’t say you’ve loved a horse if you haven’t given them treats. Well, I mean you can, but that is beside the point. Horses love treats, and it’s a good way to train them and get them out of bad habits with a reward system. Some of our favorite horse treats (besides apples, carrots and even Starlight mints) are Apple Nuggets, Poppermints and anything from DayBreak Farms Muffin Company.

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Massage Brush

A massage brush is the perfect way to give your horse a little bit of pampering after a long ride! It is a combo item – a curry comb and massager in one. Our horses really seem to enjoy this brush!

Glittery Hoof Polish

Okay, this one is more of a gift for your horse’s human, but it still counts because it goes on the horse. Glittery hoof polish! Pretty self explanatory. It’s hoof polish, that’s GLITTERY. You could even have one color per hoof, or three!

Fly Mask

Fly masks are great for horses that are turned out in the pasture a lot during the summer months. It keeps flies off of the horse’s face and the long nose version doubles as a sun protector.

Pomms Ear Plugs

Pomms are great for show horses that spook easily. They are soft, round ear plugs that help to block out the noise from the crowds and loud sounds from other rings.

Hay Net

If your horse is in a trailer or a temporary stall, a hay net is a great thing to have on hand. Your horse can enjoy a snack anywhere! It keeps the trailer or stall floor cleaner!

Horse Sized Soccer Ball

This giant inflatable soccer ball has a 30’’ diameter, so even larger horses can have fun with it! Toss this ball into your ring or pasture and watch your horses kick it around!

Let us know if you end up using any of our horse gift suggestions!  Do you have any favorite gifts that you love to spoil your horse or pony with? Leave us a comment and tell us about it! 


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