7 Fun Boredom Busters for Your Horses

Would you like to keep your horses entertained and occupied while they’re in the barn or even out in the pasture? Like humans, horses can get bored. You want your pets to stay busy and entertained because it can boost their mood while giving them something to do when they are not eating, sleeping, or going out on the trails with you. Check out these fun boredom busters that can keep horses entertained for hours. It doesn’t take much to keep your horse busy!

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1. Carrot Ball Toy

The Equestrian Carrot Ball Toy is a popular boredom buster for horses. It hangs in front of the horse and is easy for the animal to reach. You can stick carrots in this toy, but it can dispense other vegetables and fruits, including apple slices and turnips. It can keep your horse from chewing on the wood of the barn. 

The neat design offers different spots for horses to grab their snacks, some of which are more challenging to get than others. Your horse can enjoy the challenge while staying entertained and getting rewarded for it with delicious, healthy treats!

2. Jumbo Lick Toy and Treat Holder

The Horsemen’s Pride Jolly Jumbo Lick Toy is an affordable yet durable toy that provides horses with treats and encourages them to use their tongue for lots of licking. You can install the toy on the wall of the stall to keep your horse entertained while it’s spending time inside the barn instead of roaming around outside. 

The toy easily keeps horses occupied, preventing boredom when you’re busy and can’t take the horse out on the trails. You can decide on the specific treats you’d like to add to this toy for your horse based on its favorite snacks.

Horsemens Pride Jolly Jumbo Lick Toy and Treat Holder

3. Bucket Full of Water and Apples

If you’ve ever bobbed for apples, you know how fun it is to hold your hands behind your back while dipping your face into a cold bucket of water full of apples. Just as humans like bobbing for apples for entertainment, so do horses! You can buy a large metal bucket and fill it with cold water from the hose. Toss a few different things into the bucket with the water, including apples and carrots. After running around in the heat, your horse will look forward to bobbing its head into a bucket full of cool water and snacks. It can keep your horse entertained for quite some time, too.

4. Hay Feeder Toy Ball

These Hay Feeder Toy Balls are a great boredom buster for horses and ponies!!  The multiple holes in the ball that hay sticks out of will keep your pets occupied while they try to grab hay from the inside. You can hang these toys in your horse’s stall from a rope. These toys are meant to provide entertainment and relieve stress and boredom for your horse. (In other words, use them for those purposes, not as a feeder.)

5. Likit Boredom Buster

We have owned many products from the Likit company over the years and our herd just loves them! Check out the Likit Boredom Buster and consider hanging one in your horse’s stall. You can choose from different flavors.

6. Himalayan Salt Lick

Not only do most horses LOVE salt licks, but the salt actual has some great health benefits! These Himalayan salt licks contain up to 84 trace minerals including Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium – all of which provide necessary nutrients!

7. Jolly Ball

The Jolly Ball is a classic horse boredom buster toy. If you happen to have a horse that loves to play with these toys, you know how entertaining it can be to watch! Not all horses will play with a Jolly Ball, so it’s a bit of trial and error. If you horse or pony enjoys this toy, he will have fun kicking it around and grabbing the handle with his teeth, then tossing the ball away.

Use these boredom busters to keep your horse entertained throughout the day and night. Horses look forward to licking, bobbing for apples, and playing around with toys made explicitly for them. What are some boredom busters for horses you’d add to this list? Drop us a comment and let us know! 


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