First Horse Show Gift Ideas for Kids

First horse shows are a BIG deal in the equestrian world! If your child is getting ready for this milestone occasion, you might decide to give her a small gift to celebrate the accomplishment. Check out our list below, featuring popular first horse show gift ideas for kids.

First Horse Show Gift Ideas

Horse Show Rookies

It was already over a decade ago when my (now teen) daughter rode in her very first horse show. She was just 3 years old and was riding in a leadline division at a local show. I remember how exciting it was to buy her first horse show outfit and how ridiculously adorable she looked! I knew that I wanted to give my tiny equestrian a small gift to commemorate this exciting event and I finally settled on a picture book.

First Horse Show

Ideas for First Horse Show Gift for Kids

Last week at the barn, I was chatting with another parent and the topic of first horse shows came up. Her daughter is going to start showing and she was asking for some advice on what to pack for a show, etc. I mentioned that a small gift was a fun (though certainly not necessary) idea and she was all ears for some suggestions.

The items that I rattled off inspired this post. Here are the suggestions I gave her:

Horse Show Bows

You may be new to the world of horse show bows, but trust me on this one: young riders always seem to want more of them! A fun new pair of show bows would be a great horse show gift. You can find horse show bows both online and at local tack shops. Bows can be customized by color, theme, and sometimes they can even be personalized!

Horse Show Bow Bag

Keep those adorable bows looking their best! Grab one of these show bow bags and you can always have a pair (or 3!) of bows ready and waiting in the horse show bag. The zipper closure will keep dust and dirt of of the bag and off of her bows. 

Two styles: It’s a Bow Thing Bag and Blue Ribbon Bag

horse show bow travel bags

Horse Show Journal

An excellent gift for your new-to-showing kiddo is a horse show journal. Even if she is too young to write at this point, a parent can help log their show results. It’s amazing and fun to have an anecdotal record of past shows. Journaling is a great way to keep track of results, jot down notes, see improvement in various skills and record other noteworthy memories.

Horse Show Journal for Kids

Pony Book

There are so many wonderful horse books out there, many of them just perfect for gifting. If your child is preschool/early elementary aged, we absolutely love the picture book Ponyella! Some horse themed series for elementary age kids include:

Ponyella Book

Horse Treats

It’s always fun to reward your 4 legged friend with some horse treats, and shows are no exception! If you really want to go a bit over-the-top, check out these gourmet horse treat cookie options!

Gourmet Horse Cookie Treats


There are many sweet equestrian themed jewelry options for kids! Two suggestions that I have are the popular leather bracelets with a metal plate engraved a rider or pony’s name or a horse themed charm bracelet. Some local tack shops offer the personalized leather bracelets.

Leather engraved plate equestrian bracelet

Tack Item

If you want to feel the money literally flying out of your wallet, take my daughter to a tack shop. This is her version of the proverbial “kid in a candy shop.” There are always fun tack items you can pick up and gift to your favorite equestrian. From saddle pads (the kids at our barn are all currently obsessed with the LeMieux brand) to crops, grooming supplies, and lead ropes, the list is never ending! Pick up an item or two for your horse show gift!

tack shop

Tack shop gift card

Gift cards are ALWAYS a great gift! Purchase a gift card from a local tack shop or grab one from an online retailer.

Online tack shops include:

  • Dover Saddlery
  • State Line Tack
  • Chick’s
  • SmartPak
gift card

C4 Belt

A belt is a popular fashion accessory for equestrians! Riding pants (especially show pants) typically have belt loops and belts are considered to be part of the required horse show attire. C4 Brand Belts have become a top pick among young riders with fun and colorful themes and graphics. We have several of these belts in our collection!

C4 horse belt

Colorful Equestrian Socks

Tall riding socks are as much a fashion accessory as they are a functional piece of equestrian attire. They help prevent blisters from leather riding boots by covering the entire foot, heel, ankle and calf. Just like the C4 belts, the more colorful, the better! There are many different brands and styles of riding socks, available at both local tack shops and online.

Aubrion Equestrian Socks

Food Treat

When in doubt, sweet treats always make a great gift! From lollipops to cookies, or maybe even a stop for ice cream on the way home, something edible is a good choice. One thing to keep in mind – if you are showing on a day that is even borderline hot, avoid any food items that might melt! Instead of a treat, you will end up with a sticky mess!

Lollipop Devon Horse Show

Wrap it up

For the final touch, you can wrap up your gift in wrapping paper or in a gift bag.  Before a particularly big horse show many years ago, I actually had a personalized photo bag printed from an online company. You can use sites like Vistaprint to make your own personalized reusable bags!

This one came out so cute and since it’s a reusable tote, we still have it and use it for groceries and other shopping.

personalized photo tote bag

We hope that this post gives you some easy and practical ideas for first horse show gifts. (And of course, they don’t have to be just for first shows, you can gift these any time!) Let us know if you picked something from our list to gift and tell us how it worked out for you! Do you have a great gift idea that isn’t on our list? Drop us a comment and tell us about it! 


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