Easy Rice Krispies Treats CARROTS

Whether you are prepping your desserts for a pony or western themed party, or looking for an Easter treat, stop scrolling. Make these easy Rice Krispies Treat carrots for a sweet and easy dessert. We used pre-packaged Krispies Treats for the ultimate time-saving hack.

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Carrot Themed Desserts

Carrots are actually a rather popular theme for party desserts. Think about it: they fit into all different entertainment categories! From outdoors and adventuring to pony, horse and western themed parties… Plus let’s not forget about Easter and Springtime! We wanted to make some sweet treats without spending a lot of time prepping them. In that spirit, we turned to the classic dessert: Rice Krispies Treats. You can certainly use a homemade Krispies treats recipe for these carrots, but we were focused on saving time, so we opted for store-bought.

We have already shared these Rice Krispie Treat Hay Bales that are another fun party food idea.

Let’s make some carrots!

Carrot Rice Krispies Treats Supplies

To make these treats, you will need the following:

Carrot Rice Krispies Treats Ingredients

How to Make Rice Krispies Carrot Treats

Follow this tutorial step by step to replicate our treats.

1. Unwrap Rice Krispies Treats and lay them on your prep space. Cut each treat into 3 triangles. I HIGHLY recommend placing your tray of cut treats in the freezer for 30-60 minutes to let them get very firm before coating with melted chocolate. Frozen treats makes them a bit easier to work with.

Cutting Rice Krispies Treats in Thirds

2. While you are waiting for your treats to freeze a bit, add the orange candy melts to your candy melter. (Or if you are not using a melter, heat up the candy according to the package’s directions.)

Orange Chocolate Melts

Melted Orange Chocolate Melts

3. Dip the top of each Rice Krispies Treat in the melted orange candy. You can use a butter knife or spoon to smooth out the chocolate on top of the treat.

Dipping Rice Krispies Treat in Chocolate

Chocolate Coated Krispies Treat

4. Place treats on a parchment paper-topped tray. Allow the chocolate to harden (or place tray back into freezer to speed up this process a bit).

Orange Candy Coated Krispies Treats

Adding the carrot tops:

We used halved green candy melts for our carrot tops.

1. Use a knife to cut each melt in half.

Halved Green Candy Melts

2. Stick a green candy on the non-pointed end of each treat. We used a knife to poke a small hole into the treat and placed the green candy into the hole.

Green Stem in Top of Treat

Candy Melt Stem

That’s it!

Your treats are ready to go!

You can serve them immediately or pop them into the refrigerator to keep them firm until you’re ready to serve. (They should also hold up just fine in a cool room or pantry.)

Finished Treat with Tray

If you decide to give these carrot treats a try, let us know how they turned out for you! 


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