DIY Unicorn Corner Bookmark Craft

Gather up some supplies and try your hand at this DIY unicorn corner bookmark craft! It is a fairly simple and quick craft, and we have step-by-step photo directions below to help with the origami paper folding. The end result is a cute and functional bookmark that you can use over and over again.

Unicorn Bookmark on Open Book feature

Unicorn Craft Time

This craft is going to be just perfect for your next art activity! I love DIY projects that serve a dual-purpose. This unicorn corner bookmark is a cute decoration. It also just happens to be pretty helpful at saving your current page in a book!

As you will see below, the supply list for this craft is quite minimal. It uses common art supplies that you might already have in your closet!

Unicorn Bookmark on Book

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DIY Unicorn Corner Bookmark Supplies

To make these bookmarks, you will need the following supplies:

Unicorn Bookmark Supplies

How to Make a Unicorn Bookmark

Follow these steps to make a unicorn bookmark:

1. Draw triangle shapes (2 big, 2 small (different colors) for ears and 1 taller/narrow for horn) and flowers on the thick card stock. Cut out those pieces and use them as patterns to trace the same shapes on the construction paper and glitter paper. (See image below to copy the colors we used.)

Draw and cut out 2 small circles from the card stock. Set these aside – they will be the eyes.

Tracing Templates
Unicorn Pieces cut out

2. Glue the smaller triangles on top of the larger triangles.

unicorn ears

3. Fold a large triangle with one side of the pink paper as shown below. Use scissors to trim off the excess.

Paper cut to begin folding
Paper fold 1

4. Follow the folds shown in the photos below, in the order that they are shown.

Paper fold 2
Paper fold 3

Fold the tops of these flaps and tuck them into the pocket.

Paper fold 4
Paper fold 5

5. It’s time to attach the different pieces to your folded paper! Use the double-sided tape to attach everything. Place the horn on the upper middle part of the “head” and place the ears at the top, both taped to the back. Tape the flowers to the front of the unicorn face.

Pieces for bookmark to assemble
Finished folding unicorn

6. Use the black marker to decorate the card stock circles to look like eyes. Glue or tape the eyes to the unicorn face.

unicorn eyes
Double taped unicorn eyes

7. To finish up this craft, draw a smiling mouth on the unicorn and add some eyelashes with the black marker. How cute!

Face and eyelashes to complete unicorn

Your unicorn corner bookmark is ready to keep your spot in your book!

This craft would be perfect for a party make and take, or a camp art activity.

Unicorn Bookmark Final

Let us know if you give this craft a try! If you post a picture of your finished bookmark on social media, feel free to tag us. We would love to see it!


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