DIY Mini First Aid Kit for Horse Shows

Grab a few simple supplies from the dollar store and make this mini first aid kit. It’s small and compact, perfect for your horse show bag.

DIY Mini First Aid Kit

First Aid Supplies for Horse Shows

Last week I was cruising through our local dollar store. I was picking up last minute items for an away show we are traveling to soon. First aid items were on my list of things to grab and when I saw the Dollar Tree had these little cases back in stock, I decided to use one for a DIY mini first aid kit.

While we keep lots of first aid items in our truck and trailer, it can be a great idea to have basic supplies on hand at all times. Check out the super duper easy directions below to make one of these kits for your own horse show bag or purse. Having little supplies like these while ringside is great for little cuts, splinters, etc.

Mini First Aid Kit Supplies

Round up the following items. Again, I found them all at the dollar store. I added the red vinyl cross on my own as the final touch!

First Aid Kit Supplies

I really liked this Curad First Aid Portable Pack that I found at Dollar Tree. For only $1.25, it contains a nice little variety of bandages, plus an alcohol prep pad for cleaning a cut or scrape.

Here’s everything that came inside:

Curad Dollar Store First Aid Portable Pack

How to Assemble Mini First Aid Kit

Well, short of saying “fill container with first aid supplies,” you basically just, um, fill up the container. With first aid supplies. LOL!

I put the bandages down first, adding an assortment from each pack.

Then I placed the triple antibiotic in last.

Adding Bandaids to kit
triple antibiotic to first aid kit

Close up the lid and you’re ready to add this kit to whatever bag you’d like. As I mentioned above, I cut a red vinyl cross out (using my Silhouette) and stuck it on the lid for easy identification.

DIY Mini First Aid Kit

I placed this compact little kit right in my horse show bag. Perfect!

Horse show bag first aid kit

Let me know if you end up putting a little first aid kit like this one together! I hope it helps! While you’re here, take a look at our growing collection of horse show posts!


Horse Show DIY mini first aid kit PIN

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