DIY Farmhouse Style Sunflower Mason Jars

We had a bumper crop of sunflowers this year and decided to try making some farmhouse style sunflower mason jars for the kitchen and patio. They turned out beautifully and I’m sharing the process below.

Farmhouse Sunflower Mason Jar HERO

Mini Field of Sunflowers

Well, far from a field, but more of a planter box really… On a whim in July, I planted a packet of sunflower seeds. I had never tried to grow sunflowers before and had no real expectations for what would (or wouldn’t) grow.

I was so excited when the seeds started to sprout and then watched the stalks grow higher and higher as each day passed.

Finally, one day in late August, the very first sunflower bloomed. Before long, I had a whole bunch of gorgeous sunflowers and needed to figure out a way to display them.

Sunflowers Growing

I always have a bunch of mason jars on hand for flowers that I cut from my various gardens. For this sunflower display, I decided to make a farmhouse style jar. To get this look, I knew that I wanted to paint the mason jar white and add some twine.

Farmhouse Style Mason Jar Supplies

To make this flower display, you will need the following supplies:

Flower Jar Supplies

Greens from woods

Painting the Mason Jars

If you have never tried to paint a mason jar, it is actually a simple process! I recommend using spray paint and adding the paint in layers.

Spray painting is best when done outside on a low-to-no wind day.

Spray Paint and Mason Jar

This jar took about 3 layers of paint. The pictures below show the jar after the first layer (which then dried for a few minutes) and after the next (second) layer. One more layer was added after that.

First layer spray paint on jar

3rd layer spray paint on jar

Allow the paint on your final layer to dry COMPLETELY before you move to the next step. After I added the final layer of paint, I set the jar out in the sun for an hour to dry.

Putting the Jar Together

Once the paint has dried, you can assemble your flower jar(s). I recommend not cutting your flowers until just before you are ready to put your jar together. If you do harvest the flowers earlier, make sure you keep them in a bucket of water until you get to this point.

Take a piece of twine and wrap it around the top of the jar. Tie the end of the twine into a bow.

Twine on Ball Jar

Painted Ball Jar

Filling the Jar

Add plenty of water to the mason jar (about 1/2 full to start).

Gather and arrange the sunflowers together. Rubber band the stems together, with one towards the top and one towards the bottom.

Rubber Bands on Sunflowers

Place the sunflowers in the jar and add the greens around the sunflowers until you get your desired look. You might have to play around a bit until you have something you really like! Try not to be discouraged and just keep rearranging until you are happy with the finished look.

Finished Sunflower Jar

Jumbo Sunflower Jar in Kitchen

Such a simple decoration that will add a bright burst of color to any space! These jars would make perfect party centerpieces or look great around your house and farm.

Let us know if you give this craft a try and tell us how it worked out for you! 


Farmhouse Sunflower Jar PIN

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