DIY Christmas Horse Garland

Introducing our DIY Christmas Horse Garland craft – a charming, handcrafted decoration that’s just perfect for sprucing up your home, barn, or your noble steed’s very own stall. Check out the supply list below, which includes our free printable template. Follow the tutorial to make your own holiday horse garland décor!

Close up horse garland

I’m so happy to add this fun holiday craft to our DIY collection today. It’s a simple project that is sure to add some bright and festive color to any space.

Here’s what you’ll need to embark on this holiday craft adventure:


Horse Christmas Garland Supplies

How to Make the Garland:

1. Printing Perfection: Start by printing the desired number of horse circles on heavy cardstock paper. Our PDF has 4 circles per page.

2. Cut It Out: Next, cut out the circles along the red outline.

Cut out christmas horse circles

3. Punch It Up: Then, take your hole punch and punch two holes at the top of each circle. This is where your string or twine will thread through.

4. String It Along: It’s time to string your banner. Weave the string through the holes you’ve punched, and if you’re feeling extra festive, glue or thread on the pompoms between each horse circle for that extra flair. If you want, you can tape the horse circles in place on the back of the image.

Christmas Horse Garland HERO

Display with Pride: Finally, hang your garland by the ends to show off your handiwork. Whether it’s on a mantelpiece, above a barn door, or on the front of a stall, it’s sure to bring smiles all season long.

I hope you have fun with this craft!

Personalization Option: If you are feeling REALLY adventurous with your craft, consider printing out a bunch of pictures of YOUR OWN horse and using those pictures in place of our printable template!

If you end up trying this craft, let us know how it turned out! Feel free to tag us on social media if you post a picture of your finished project. We would love to see it!


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