Decorating Christmas Trees with Horse Show Ribbons

If you are looking for a fun way to incorporate your love for horses into the Christmas season, look no further. Check out the ideas below and put your own horse-themed Christmas tree together by decorating the tree with old horse show ribbons. Not only are the results really pretty to look at, but it’s also an awesome way to give those ribbons the chance to take center stage once more.

Christmas Horse Barn with Tree

Horse-Themed Christmas Trees

As Christmas draws ever-closer, we turn our attention towards festive holiday decorations. What better way to celebrate than by giving those hard-earned horse show ribbons a place of honor? We all know the joy of receiving these colorful awards, but they often end up tucked away in boxes. This year, let’s turn them into spectacular Christmas tree decorations! Think about it – each ribbon is not just a splash of color but a story, a memory, a triumph, a lesson. Decorating Christmas trees with horse show ribbons is a beautiful display and a fun conversation starter!

The Star of the Show: A Yellow Ribbon Topper

Traditionally, many people decorate their tree by topping it with a star. To symbolize a big yellow star on top of your horse-themed Christmas tree, find one of your yellow ribbons. We choose one of the bigger yellow ribbons that we have – an end-of-the-year award with long streamers and a big, round rosette. Fold up the ribbon’s streamers neatly and voilà! You have a unique, equestrian-themed star to top your tree.

Yellow Rosette Star on tree

Now check out the different versions of horse show ribbon Christmas trees that we came up with:

Champion’s Tree: Blue, Red, and Yellow Elegance

Picture this: a Christmas tree draped in the luxurious lengths of champion ribbons. These are the ribbons that you’ve earned by being the best of the best, the high-point rider. Their longer streamers and striking blue, red, and yellow colors create an elegant and majestic look. This tree isn’t just a festive decoration; it’s a trophy in its own right.

Champion Horse Show Ribbon Christmas Tree

Christmas Colors: A Red and Green Spectacle

For a more traditional yet equally pretty (and color-coordinated!) approach, we dressed our tree in the classic Christmas colors of red and green. This design uses only red and green ribbons, creating a wonderful holiday look.

Green Red Horse Show Ribbon Christmas Tree

Rosette Blooms

Here’s a creative twist: fold up the streamers on all of your ribbons so only the rosettes are visible. Arrange them on your tree, and the result looks like colorful flowers! I really loved how this version turned out!

Rosette Ribbon Christmas Tree

Rainbow Gallop: A Multicolor Extravaganza

For those who love a bit of everything, why not go for a kaleidoscope of colors? Deck your tree with ribbons of all hues and lengths, creating a vibrant tapestry that celebrates the diversity of your equestrian achievements. This tree is fun, lively, and as unique as the rider who inspired it.

Horse Show Ribbon Christmas Tree

Where to Set up Your Horse Show Ribbon Tree

Imagine this horse-themed Christmas tree sparkling in your living room or bringing cheer to the barn. It’s a fantastic way to spread holiday spirit and share your love for horses with friends, family, and fellow riders. You can set up this tree anywhere you’d like.

Safety First: Cool-Touch Lights

While our tree is already dazzling, if you decide to add lights, remember – safety first! Opt for cool-touch lights that don’t generate heat. We want our holidays merry, bright, and safe, especially around fabric ribbons and wooden barns. Consider skipping any potential fire hazards (such as hot lights, extension cords, etc).

And there you have it – four unique ways to dress your Christmas tree with the ribbons that represent your equestrian journey. Whether at home or in the barn, these trees are more than decorations; they’re celebrations of your love for horses and the sport!

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Do you decorate your Christmas tree with a horse theme? Tell us about it!


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