Classic Lemon Stick Treats | Devon Horse Show Tradition

The lemon stick: a classic country fair treat that combines the perfect combination of sweet and sour! We have enjoyed these lemon stick candy treats at the Devon Horse Show for decades and have recently discovered how easy they are to make at home. Try out some lemon sticks for yourself and see what you think.

Classic Lemon Stick Treat

Lemon Stick Treats

Ever since I was a little kid, I remember enjoying lemon sticks at The Devon Horse Show. This simple treat consists of a fresh lemon and a lemon flavored old fashioned candy stick. The candy stick is a sweet and sugary treat. When the sweet taste of the candy stick is combined with the sour lemon juice, the result is a delicious lemonade-like flavor!

These lemon stick treats are perfect summertime refreshments. They are easier to serve than ice cream cones and they won’t melt either!

Watching Horses and Eating Lemon Sticks at Devon

Porous Lemon Sticks

You might already be familiar with traditional lemon candy sticks. But hear my warning: they won’t work in these treats! Nope. You need porous lemon sticks in order for these treats to work. I only know of one company that makes them (though please leave me a comment if you found another!). Giambri’s in New Jersey has made the sticks for decades and they are the exclusive supplier for the Devon Horse Show.

Giambris Porous Lemon Candy Sticks

So why do they need to be porous? Well, think about it… porous means that it has holes. The holes turn these candy sticks into STRAWS! These sticks are the perfect item to use for sucking up some juice from a fresh lemon. YUM!

Check out this close up image. You can really see the holes!

porous lemon sticks

Lemon Stick Ingredients

You only need 2 ingredients for lemon sticks!

Lemons and Candy Sticks

Bucket Lemons Candy Sticks

Lemon Top Cut Open

How to Assemble

After you slice the tops off of the lemons, insert a candy stick. That’s it!

It might take a few sucks to get the lemon juice to start flowing through the candy stick, but it will happen!

Some people make lemon sticks using just half of a lemon per treat. You could definitely do that if you are making a ton of these and looking to cut out some cost. When we make them, we use one whole lemon per treat.

Kids Group Lemon Sticks at Devon

Lily Lemon Stick at Devon Horse Show

Devon Horse Show Lemon Stick 1

Give these lemon sticks a try and let us know what you think! Have you had them before? Where did you find them?

We were excited to find the porous lemon sticks (Giambri’s brand) at a local candy shop. The kids were thrilled to get to enjoy lemon sticks at home in addition to their yearly sticks at Devon!

Pony Looking at Lemon Stick


Lemon Stick Treats PIN

4 thoughts on “Classic Lemon Stick Treats | Devon Horse Show Tradition”

    • I can only remember ever seeing the yellow lemon sticks at Devon…though they DO sell lots of “penny candy” at that stand, so maybe they would sell other kinds of candy sticks? I know there IS a version out there that uses peppermint sticks. That one (according to a quick Google search LOL) seems to have originated in the Baltimore area.

    • The lemons are typically room temperature when served. You can prep them ahead of time by slicing off the top of the lemon, but don’t put the candy stick into the lemon until just before serving. The second the candy goes into the lemon, the stick will start to dissolve.


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